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  1. that's a seriously bad photochop ............ the least you could have done was make me a bit taller .......... seein as its my birthday an all
  2. in my experience ............... connect actually means "we will disconnect you and we care sod all about it"
  3. WHY ? although if you shout a little louder he may hear you ...
  4. Known issue - same with mine - I think its a poor microphone, I used to just lean forward and direct my voice towards the rear view mirror (where the microphone resides)
  5. ioneabee

    New WHIP 4x4

    if only he had opened his doors ....... it wouldn't have floated
  6. 1) Humpy 2) kbad 3) Zeus(in 350z) 4) AaronC350z 5) wez370 +1 (370z) 6) Wendy 7) stevod 8) Wasso 9) CJRamze 10) cov350z (350z) 11) 350Russ 12) ollydykins 13) Valy (350z) 14) modo 15) shad0wca7 16) Irn Bru +1 350z 17) Andymac183 18) Hodaka +1 19) nissanman312+1 20) Amyzed 21) ZeppoJeff (350z) 22) Ekona +1 23) Dicaprio +1 24) Davedutch + 1 25) SHEZZA + 1 (350Z) 26) -G- +1 (380RS) - Date Dependant 27) Harryjax +1 28) Andy_Muxlow +1 29) Scott_f91 (370Z) 30) Nso93 31) kentar0 32) buster + mrs buste 33) Justthejedi +1 34) Chesterfield +1 35) Brimstoneboy +1 (350
  7. yeah - its knackered - she finally admitted that she had yanked a paper jam out the way it went in - probably broke one of the sensors
  8. whenever i get out of (any) ford .......... i feel like i've driven a 1000 miles - they just don't fit or work for me at all and that goes from the fiestas to the mondeos
  9. ahh ......... I've always used a kitchen sponge (the one with the green rough side)
  10. I use the Megs and as said above it doesn't last long ............ but does look good when 1st on
  11. I'll do my very best not to keep a card in the car for a taxi ............. the further away you park from the kerb the better
  12. good grief ........................ it has back seats
  13. on another note Granville ............... what back seats
  14. friend of mine brought me her Epson xp-225 to have a look at yesterday - all lights flashing on the front from google its either a fatal error from a paper jam and incorrectly removing the paper breaking one of the sensors or its the waste ink pad full ..... unless anyone knows any different is there any software out to do a reset - it used to be the SSC Service Utility programme - but I don't think its up to date Any thoughts
  15. I'm doing my first half marathon on the 25th of this month good luck to all doing something stupid this month
  16. The rumours of PPF turning yellow are a little outdated - earlier versions yes, the latest suntek and Xpel should last up to 10 years although its true that some petroleum based waxes will also have this effect
  17. what happened ? white car lose control and plough into yours, shunting it forward into the volvo ?
  18. the rustling noise in the background is all my stuff flying off the seat
  19. keep it civil folks
  20. yup and self healing look it up on youtube etc
  21. Clear wraps such as expel and suntek ..... PPF (paint protection films) are the way forward methinks for you
  22. On the other hand How would you feel if a pimply youf just told you he was going to marry your daughter !!! Without putting it as a question Ok - you as a dad are unlikely to say no, but it wouldn't half go a long way towards good future relationships
  23. I can award points if you like ............ but you probably won't
  24. very similar to the GT Edition ones (though yours looks slightly lighter)
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