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  1. hi looking for an update to
  2. snoged

    dash cam ?

    prob.been asked before best cheapo dash cam ?
  3. Thats great help ! Many thanks for all the info. Think ill get all done. Cheers !!
  4. Hi I know this has been on here before but cant find the solution , now we have a bit of warmer weather and getting stuck in traffic on the M25 this weekend ,my clutch pedal didnt like it, and did not want to return to the right height the longer It took to get moving the worse it got. If I remember right is it a fluid/ pipe problem ? do I just need to change to fluid ? thanks for any help with this......
  5. Abbey Motorsport - Recommended ! Thanks to Mark and the team for the work on my exhaust on Saturday (at short notice). Much appreciated !
  6. Hi Panasonic just built in dvb/freesat just says no signal from dish
  7. hi no box ,its built in to tv and that's a new one ta
  8. Hi all anyone know which dish i should buy ? I have been using Freesat and quite happy with this , but all has recently stopped working ,so rather than try and sort out which bit has packed up.thought i would replace the lot,and this time run the cables internally and not throw them across the roof . Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks !
  9. snoged

    Upgraded Y pipe

    PM please too nothing special needed just the standard mines puffing thanks
  10. I went Mishimoto no problems - but loud when air cons on
  11. Hi all Zed went flying through the MOT today , but had a not on the ticket saying the exhaust was leaking gas . Asked what this exactly meant and garage said it was the nearside flexi pipe that was damaged and proberly a speed bump scrap and was leaking gas. Is this a part i can get by itself ? and a novice / easy job to fit ? as the garage said its not just that part and would cost around £400 ! surely that a complete system lol thanks





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