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  1. I bought one of these from Mark with orange writing. They are top quality and look the nuts. I would highly recommend. Cheers Mark
  2. If I try to upload a photo from my phone to the website it says it's too big and won't upload it. Any help ?
  3. Is anyone else having any problems using tapatalk ? Since the last update I cannot even find this forum on there now. I wanted to put my pics back up as they disappeared when this forum was updated.
  4. I still keep going back to dying light on the PS4, what a game !! And the co-op with a few pals is great fun. I would recommend to all !!
  5. I fired a plenum spacer, pop charge intake, lightened fly wheel, racing clutch, de-cats and scorpion system-sounds amazing and very loud when on the throttle, quiet on tick over
  6. Has this meet happened yet ? I'm in and don't mind where
  7. Need to arrange another meet peeps, any suggestions?
  8. How much are you selling those seats for ?
  9. Morrisons car park, gold wheels. You on here ?
  10. I may also be interested if your open to offers





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