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  1. Nice choice! ‘I recently sold my Mustang GT. There is a great community with ten Mustang. ‘Check out simply Mustangs Uk on facebook and Mustang6g.com and look for the UK sub forum. I had mine on PCP and did loads of modifications too mine. Didn’t really think about the finance company having a issue lol.
  2. Yep totally agree mate. Was a silly mistake which I will probably be punished for. Thnaks for clearing it up mate
  3. They said it was an average of 39... in the video you couldn't see my car. They pulled 2 of us over. He assumed if I was going slower the other car would go into the back of me. I felt pushed into a corner by 2 officers so took it on the chin. Probably not the right thing to do. Was wondering if the video had been looked at again and they realised the couldn't see me?
  4. Wonder if someone can help. I was pulled over over for speeding 2 weeks ago today. Was given the yellow ticket and told to wait for the paperwork to come through. Nothing has come through yet. Is it up to me to chase it? the officer told me after two weeks to ring a number and chase but it doesn't state that on the back of the ticket. I don't want to miss out on the chance of speed awareness course.
  5. There are a lot of members on here that don't own 350z anymore. I actually went to your website yesterday looking for any VW campers you have done as we need 2 captains chairs and a 3 seat bench redoing. But couldn't find anything on your website. 'I did fill out the contact form but haven't pressed send yet as we are trying to decide what to do. But seeing other examples of your work would help. If I know every post is going to be 350z related I won't bother looking. The detailing guy posts lots of different vehicles he has done with a good write up each time.
  6. I'm suffering really badly this week. Started Sunday for me. Went to brands hatch for America speed fest and had to leave at 12 because my eyes and nose wouldn't stop running. I hate that there is no cure for it. I bet cannabis cures it lol
  7. Their garage can be mysterious at times. There is always 2 or 3 McLaren F1 in the window covered up! I believe they are the only place in the world authorised to do Mcalren P1 GTR road conversions
  8. I'm just glad it wasn't a Mustang lol
  9. Impulse purchased a DJI Mavic pro with the fly more bundle. Took it out for the 1st time this morning. 1st time I have ever flown a drone and it was superb. battery easily lasts 25 mins so perfect and have 2 extra batteries.
  10. I don't watching anything apart from YouTube and Netflix. I follow a lot of "lifestyle" vloggers as well. Just wish YouTube red would hurry up so I can watch offline on my iPad easier
  11. Chicken wings. A massive bowl of chicken wings mmmmmmm
  12. The Lexus ISF with the weird stacked quad exhaust are like that too. The top ones are fake
  13. MY2018 Mustang has a digital dash option coming. Still not sure if it will be offered in the UK tho
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