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  1. glad you're feeling better my invite to the wedding must have been lost in the post ....
  2. I had to use Google translate I suspect Steve did as well
  3. That's exactly what I have done,just doesn't seem to be working for whatever reason,,,! nope - its you - you're adding the IMG link from the forum - doesn't need it
  4. condensation is created when warm moist air meets a cold surface we're having a particularly warm December with a lot of moisture - your bonnet is metal ergo condensation will form
  5. The saddle will require lowering first though! actually not sure if that will help ........... as its stuffed itself so far up my proverbial - I can barely walk combine a barely padded seat thats about 2" wide with tyres pressurised to 100psi combined makes for a erm, solid ride ps ..... note the brand :lol:
  6. was it a good film ........... most definitely is it as good as the original - yes and no the original will never be outdone by the sheer shock and amazement of nothing else like it anywhere, anywhen obviously the the technological advancement of the present one makes it visually leaps and bounds over the original
  7. simple question - those who've seen it ..... I'm going tomorrow, so what has everyones preference been - no spoilers please
  8. 1. SuperStu (2 wall and 1 desk) 2. GMballistic (1 desk top) 3. Veeg33 (1 wall and 1 desk) 4. Andy_Muxlow (1 Wall and 1 Desktop) 5. rothers2901 (2 wall) 6. Kev T ( 1 wall ) 7. Mattross1313 (1 Desk) 8. Vik54 (1 Desk) 9. eatonm90 (1 wall) 10. Varley16 (1 wall) 11. buster(1 wall) 12. The Big Miester (1 wall) 13. -G- (2 wall 1 Desk) 14. andyjames (1wall) 15. Brummiestormer ( 1 wall) 16. Paddy (1 wall + 1 desk) 17. Paul K ( 1 wall + 1 desk) 18. Stuggerz ( 1 Wall ) 19. KyleR (1 Wall) 20. Ebized (1 desk) 21. MBS (2 x wall + 1 desk) 22. Stevod (1 x wall+ 1 x Desk) 23. Rob350 (1 wa
  9. it wasn't the car that was known as DULL FUC ........... that just reinforced what everyone knew
  10. This one has been reviewed by http://www.techmoan.com/blog/2016/6/23/dashcam-review-ddpai-m6-is-the-best-mini-cam-ive-used.html and appears to be quite a good small and relatively cheap option
  11. get digging and head for Aussie land and then fill it back with GSB ............ you're gonna need a lot of trucks and some long reach jcb's
  12. thats easy .............. you raft it or pile it .............. but wow - never seen ground wobble like that before
  13. He has spoken but as usual we is ignoring him
  14. I very nearly jacked my job in about 10 years ago ........ was in a really bad place (mentally), but eventually got talked out of it by family and friends persevered and eventually things got better - I enjoy the job I do (mostly), but I just hate working for a Local Authority and want to be my own boss and do my own thing when I want, how I want. I'm pretty much tied to it now due to pension issues etc (would lose a tone of money if i walked), so hoping that in about 5 years I can take early retirement, have access to my pension pot and carry on with my "private" business.............. t
  15. Couldn't have someone spamming more than me At least you speak sense for the most part and don't try to flog us all viagra or whatever. so, Granville, those little pills you put me on to ................ they don't work
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