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  1. Just fitted my Tarmac Sports side skirts which I think are the same as the Grams, I'm lowered and I don't see how anyone will ever get a jack under there now!!!! Might have to carry around a small ramp!! Like a plastic caravan level.
  2. Morning Reece, If someone wants just the spats I'm in Kidderminster, how much are you asking for the skirts/steps please? Did you drill them in the end? Tim
  3. Im going to have a try with the Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT2 this time. Thanks to Randy got a cracking bargain on the pair. The MPSS were top notch, but (for my use) not a massive difference from the Vredenstien Ultras before. Let's see what the SportMaxx are like. They rated really well this year in the reviews
  4. Thanks Randy. Did you have to prove you were an ASDA employee or anything when you paid? The code works and knocks a fair bit off. Thank you
  5. That was when i bought them Jan 2015. Cant find them under £180 each now
  6. Flat rear tyre this morning on one of my MPSS, I took it for a puncture repair and he said that its not repairable as its a long split/cut, maybe drive over some sharp metal. Anyhow. Looking to get the pair replaced.He quoted £194 each fitted for the MPSS and said it was because the MPS4S are replacing them but they are not released in my size yet (245/45/18). Also they are in Germany so would take 10days. When i bought them last they were way less.......... TyreLeader.co.uk 642310115 Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/45 ZR18 100Y XL, FSL Quantity 2 £109.08 Price excluding VAT : £218.15 Has anyone who has recently bought MPSS know where they are reasonably priced please?
  7. Hey stop trying to steal my job I do stupid with ramps and axle stands ETC Seriously mate don't beat yourself up we all have these slip ups it's not catastrophic I nearly killed myself last year have a read of the link below you'll feel better feel free to have a laugh at my expense. http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/78039-diy-rear-mount/page__st__260#entry1431006 Thanks mate, glad your ok! I always worry about being squashed as the Z is lowered and there wouldn't be much breathing room under there!!
  8. They were placed under the lower arms on either side. They were just placed underneath incase the ramps failed. When I reversed they got dragged out of the front.
  9. Thanks !! Is it a replica? If you are selling I would definitely be interested. I will send you a PM
  10. Thank you. I even had a last minute check going back underneath picking up all the old rusty clips and putting away all the tools. Oh well won't be doing that again
  11. Mark, your near(ish) to me. Do you maybe have a trusted guy you would use for a bumper respray please. I'm I4N's way over near Kidderminster.





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