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  1. New insurance time - renewal came in at over £400 - told 'em to sort it out or else - they didn't new insurance in place - £298.32 can't beat living where I do
  2. Sorry, you don't currently meet the prerequisites to post items for sale please refer to the link below http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/63-other-car-parts/
  3. ooooooo Matron (go on say it - in the voice, you just have to )
  4. http://www.350z-uk.c...al/page__st__49 and i start again at post 79
  5. I think your SM-G900F spellchecker needs a little more patience too. he just needs more hospital time
  6. ioneabee


    True - after I'd posted I remembered that it could be a factory option, but haven't seen any with it........... on forums or otherwise
  7. ioneabee


    the fixed spoiler is only on this version - all others have the spoiler recessed which then raises at speeds in excess of 74mph
  8. ioneabee


    the actual sound from the crackles is completely different to what you're hearing on youtube .......... as always taste is individual anyway
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong ....... but haven't you just created a massive air brake Excellent skills mind
  10. handbags ............. I would never wear a handbag ^^ (or carry one)
  11. Happy Birthday ....... I hope the sprogletts aren't giving you too much hell
  12. Crocs ...... apparently And Lycra......... apparently Oh, erm ........ never mind
  13. mod edit - phone number removed - put it back if you're happy to be spammed by all and sundry
  14. the centre dash readout is not a good enough check for this (if thats what your using ?)
  15. ioneabee

    New Z

    I'll just leave this here ...
  16. mine arrived yesterday too - cheers no idea if my old Z is in it ........... will just keep checking as the weeks go by (no sneak peaks for me)
  17. what ad blocker are you using Matt
  18. ^^ he's hooked ...... no escape now :lol:
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