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  1. I found all mine split and perished when I painted the calipers last month. I used new nipple covers of a qashqai as I had them to hand. Fitted great you can get universal from eBay
  2. All booked and deposit paid even got the Friday off to come down with everyone
  3. low IQ

    Japspeed K1

    I have the k1 on my 370, had it on for a year, done a few track days and it still look new, I think there a great quality
  4. low IQ

    370z vented wings

    Thank Nino missed that discount, just spoke to Lohit he exetended me the 20% off so I purchased a set of carbon rs1 fenders. Im going to Sema in Las Vegas, so able to collect them and Virgin will allow them as oversized luggage for a bargain £40. Just import tax to pay Will have a ve a very different looking 370z next year
  5. low IQ

    370z vented wings

    I love the carbon rs1, only problem is the $500 postage on top of the $950. I've spoken with Lohit who owns fly1 he has a 6 week manufacturing time. Problem is everything I want is in California and $400-500 postage a item..... would have thought companies would have twigged and made replicas of bumpers and aftermarket body panels in the uk, only the amuse kit available from RT.
  6. Hi all After the stillen bumper for my 370Z, hoping there's on in the uk before I order from the us. Cheers lee
  7. Some how I've paid and received 2 full car entry passes and im busy this weekend. Please pm me if you would like to buy the ticket(s) Cheers lee
  8. I can't make this now so my ticket is up for sale
  9. Hi all car is going up for sale, based in Exeter, Devon. I purchased the car 18 months ago from Ancaster Nissan who sold it new, performed all the servicing and sold it used. The car had a full service at Exeter Nissan on the 29th December 2016, MOT not due till August but the car has only done 3000 miles and the car is incredibly clean. Modifications and extras - Auto with flappy paddles - Satnav - reverse Camera - rear parking sensors - GT Edition extras - 19" Rota Grid 10.5 and 9.5, professionally re-painted GT Grey with new tyres 7000miles ago, still on 5mm all round - Akebono brakes re-sprayed ultraviolet - Bride graduation Gear gaiter. - Carbon Fibre 5D trimmed interior trims - Sill cover Z emblems resprayed ultraviolet - Engine cover, text, Slam panel cover and cowl panel texts resprayed ultraviolet - Eibach 25mm hubcentric spacers fitted to the rear. - Custom made stainless steel Japspeed N1 exhaust system with additional mid system race silencer - Tarmac Sportz rear bumper spats smoothed and colour coded - Tarmac Sportz side skirt extension canards - Evo-R rear bumper diffuser colour coded - Type SS front bumper lip smoothed and colour coded (purchased from California) - Front bumper number plate plinth removed, bumper holes flushed and number plate moved 1" lower into the front bumper mouth. - Door handles colour coded - Custom made spoiler - Custom made bonnet lift kit - K&N typhoon induction kit professionally re-sprayed gloss black - Purple anodised engine bay bolts - Cherished number plate W5 CYA All modifications have done less then 7,000miles and most have done 3000miles, car was 3 stage machine polished last month and is waxed and cleaned most weekends to maintain the Black Rose Pearl. The car has wanted for nothing and had £1000s spent on it in the last year. £18500 Cheers Lee
  10. Japfest have released the 2017 map on there Facebook group, we share t14 with 4 other clubs
  11. I've just read your whole thread. The work youve put into this is amazing. Incredibly impressed with the attention to detail.
  12. Much better position within the show than last year, just hope the weather stays nice so the grass doesn't become boggy
  13. Welcome to the club, sounds like a great starting platform and being a owners club car I'm sure it's well looked after.
  14. I'm 6,3 and I have more room in the iq then the Z. It's a tardis. I've had a couple, even thought about fitting a 2jz and keeping it look stock.



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