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  1. not quite you go to mum first ..... who says no then you go to dad and say - mum said it would be ok if you say ok
  2. whackywill was more of a ............ this is how my car/bike/boat/skip etc was stolen
  3. Thats allowable Hugh ........... it was still under construction
  4. pot - kettle - black .......... springs to mind here
  5. interesting Rolls Royce esque angel on the front
  6. yep - 6 months up front - I've just done that with a new tenant - situation is - couple just moving in, his ex-partner ran up credit bills and left them with him - he's paying them off under an agreed payment scheme - but that makes his credit score low
  7. Just another point to note rental leases are usually 6 months with 1 month notice to quit after that so, if she defaults, you would be liable for up to 6 months and for as long as she decided to stay there after that Plus any prospective landlord would likely after reviewing the credit score insist on that 1st 6 months up front in total
  8. Don't think we can fit Lola in the zed. ������ put Buster in the boot .......... Lola Pax ............. sorted
  9. crickey ............. thats at the end of the world enjoy
  10. and him an ex-team member should know better than to defile someones build thread
  11. That's what I was thinking and would definitely be my choice, enjoy. Now coupe, convertible or targa? I'll find out Tuesday ... allocation to dealer is 2 Coupe, 4 Coupe and Targa ... I'd be happy with any doh ........... our GLO is getting excited :lol:
  12. I suppose one day I might add a squashed beetle to the list good choice of steed Sir Attaks-alot
  13. well, that will definitely upset the kids inheritance
  14. manual or pdk ? new or used ? and does it have the poo brown interior
  15. I'm a design guru and I like nice stuff can I refer you to the above statement :lol:
  16. was starting to think Mercedes AMG GT as that would definitely abuse the kids inheritance ....... but only 2 seats
  17. Like ....... hasn't the GTR got 4 seats.......... like So ... please see post #21 damn ........ should have locked that
  18. Like ....... hasn't the GTR got 4 seats.......... like
  19. so ............ a design guru - that definitely rules out another porker then
  20. my daughter used to use "elevator" ......... I've discouraged her from that so, what you getting next and why selling up (apart from that awful poo brown interior )
  21. Tall, dark and handsome Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk not you then
  22. put your photos in here please
  23. remember though, that the 1st service is free anyway (or should be) as I recall I may be wrong ??
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