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  1. well ........... you did say you had a cunning plan
  2. ioneabee

    New Ferrari

    so Jaguar or Ferrari then ?
  3. well, sadly Will has decided to step down from the team. He has served the forum from well before my time and as with most of us, time moves on and other commitments take precedent. We wish him well, however I trust he will still be making comment and contributing whenever time allows from me ........... Thank you very much Will for making me spend all that money
  4. I've got 2013 on my office computer - its awful
  5. best version out there - later versions (IMHO) are shiiite
  6. Spot the blatant spam error
  7. Sadly lost my mate Tigger this week His kidneys failed and we had no choice but to let him go ....... unfortunately this was all happening whilst we were away on holiday and we weren't able to say a proper goodbye 16 years old and 1 week
  8. yep - pretty much everywhere
  9. Content just for Gangzoom
  10. damn @Ekona - you beat me to it - was gonna mention the tat and the t-shirt and driving gloves ..... @The Bounty Bar Kid ......... we loves ya really
  11. my bill didn't make sense at all - waiting for the credit card statement
  12. There's a meet at crosshands at the end of the month
  13. @Lexx http://maps.yourgmap.com/v/7_1me_350z-370z-uk.html haven't had any new requests to be added to it in quite a while
  14. to stop the muppets trying to get too close - coldel reversed his as close as we could safely get it and they still tried to squeeze between them
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