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  1. We must be talking about something different as mine isn't loud at all. How loud we talking?
  2. Picked my nismo up yesterday and it does the same thing. Like a small drone/clunk noise. Hard to explain really. Dealer I bought mine from took the mats out before I turned up. Soon had them put back in. I said they were in the photos on the ad so I want them in. Good choice in buying one though mate. They are great cars. I just come from a new Focus RS and Golf R. Love the Nismo!
  3. When I said I made sure they were out I meant I told the salesman to get them checked and he come back to me and said they had been done. So given the fact that he said the TPMS light had been reset when it hadn't I think I'm going to check them myself tomorrow morning. I don't believe anything he said now. This was a garage selling GTRs and GTR Nismo editions. Which they had there on display. Terrible.
  4. Well what a day again! Went to my local dealer. They took the car in straight away with no appointment. While the car was being worked on the girl on the service desk went through some details. Listen to this. No PDI had been done. Warranty hadnt been started either. They called the dealer and the salesman wouldn't take the call. Finally got through to someone and they said they'd be sorting the warranty today. Phoned Nissan Customer Service and just let rip. Told them everything. Probably won't get anything but i felt it needed to be reported. Didn't even know I had RAC cover with the car. Didn't even have a proper handover. All sorted now though. Turns out they didn't reset anything. It hasn't been plugged into anything. The dealer lied about it all. Shocking service.
  5. Car was a brand new Pre Reg. 3 miles on it. Thing is now I can't expect my local dealer to sort it for me there and then, I'll have to book it in. At least it doesn't prevent me driving it I suppose. Just hope it's nothing major.
  6. Is it? I didn't know that. Didn't exactly get an explanation of anything really. Too many issues.
  7. When I phone the dealer manager tomorrow I'll push for a free service. If this ends up being a big fix and not something quick I'll want something off them.
  8. Wow!! That's a cracking deal! It's a nismo I take it? I paid more than that with employee discount. Sounds like it was well worth the 4hr drive then. Can't u take it to your local dealer? Mine is going back tomorrow as there is a clunky noose when you drop the clutch at low speed to change gear. Almost like the gearbox is hitting the exhaust. On the bright side i get another one as a courtesy car Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk Yeah it was a good deal for a Nismo I thought. They had 3 of them there. The car is amazing. Totally different from what I've just come from. I'll take it to my local dealer assp. I reckon they knew it wouldn't resolve itself and couldn't be bothered to sort it and knew I didn't live local. Hope you get yours sorted mate. Shouldn't be much I don't expect.
  9. Hi mate. I got mats in the end because I said they were in the photos on the ad online. This dealer had a big discount on the car. Reduced from 39k to £29895. Nowhere around by me had anything close. It's the TPMS light that's on. It flashes for a bit then stays on constant. For what I've read online it needs to go into a dealer.
  10. I made sure they were out thanks to the info on here so that's was a bonus. Just not happy that I have to go back to dealer now to have the TPMS fixed.
  11. Well what a total shocker . Absolutely ruined my collection day today. Had a 12.45pm appointment today with Sandicliffe Nissan to take delivery of my brand new 370z nismo. I was 30 mins early so I'll give them that. Car was on the forecourt ready for collection all nice and shiny anyway. Waited for salesman to finish his current appointment and then he came to me. Paid for the car, done the required paperwork, taxed it online and then I was ready. Got in the car and noticed the mats had been taken out. Ok I thought: I'll just start it up and go through a few things. Start the car. Warning light is on along with tyre pressure monitor light. They wouldn't go off. Called salesman. He had a look. Said it needed to to be reset so needed to go round the back into the workshop. At this point the car started to shake a bit and sound rough. Salesman got in to take it around the back and the engine cut out. Wouldn't start. Run out of petrol. Seriously. I then proceeded to wait an hour while a tech went to the garage and brought a jerry can back and put petrol in. Car went back into the workshop to have light re set. Came back. Salesman explained it's been done but the light will remain on for about 6-8 miles then extinguish. At this point I was so miffed off I just wanted to get on the road and start the 4 hour drive home. Home now. Light still on. After reading online it's looks like it has to go back into a dealer to be sorted. Total shambles. I think they were punishing me because I refused to pay the £89 admin fee added to the £30k I paid for the car. Said the admin fee was for prepping the car and doing HPI checks etc. HPI? On their own brand new car. Wasn't paying that. All in all a pretty crap experience. Good job the car is awesome.
  12. I'm picking up my new Nismo on Thursday. I'll be making sure the Nissan Dealer sorts this out. Can't believe what I've been reading.
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