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  1. All about the heat soak!! I never noticed a noise difference with mine on
  2. I'll take it mate, pm me you PayPal please
  3. Wasn't me but nice to hear about a few z owners locally. I'm in Saxmundham
  4. Hi guys. Am I right in thinking the light that flashes next to the traction control is related to the clutch? Can anyone tell me what it's purpose is?
  5. Anyone have any dyno figures for the Nismo please?
  6. I hate the mk2 spoiler but much prefer the wheels, especially without the diomond cut that I'll shortly get rid of.
  7. I've hit the limiter in my old 370. More out of interest than the need to hit those speeds
  8. What's the top speed of the 370z if you remove the limiter? Can the limiter be taken off with a map?
  9. Well sos far the kit seems good, I think it feels more responsive in the highest setting. Don't really see the point in having so many settings though. Easy to install.
  10. Spoke to you on FB about these. Can I order one please. Can you PM ale please!
  11. I think it might have to be done, I have a EVO-r on my list 370z. Just not sure if the mounting points are different on this
  12. Black 370 nismo spotted in Saxmundham yesterday and seen on the A12 Foxhall today. White nismo in Natwest car park in Ipswich
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