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  1. Had some optimistic offers (£300 for the exhaust and £200 for the cats) which were politely turned down, but they're still for sale.
  2. Great cars but they need aftermarket exhausts to make them sing like a sports car should. Hopefully the nest gen will be at least 100kg lighter as they are getting too heavy and blunt. My new car (Abarth 124) weighs 1070kg and with only 170bhp is still an absolute hoot to drive. I do miss the torque and effortless stride to triple figures though...
  3. Not mad keen on splitting them because they're such a great combo, but make me an offer and i'll consider it.
  4. Never tripped the CEL. The Berks have a special bung that prevents the O2 sensors from out of spec readings. No problems with MOT either, just need to make sure the HFCs are warmed up before taking the reading.
  5. Under 3500rpm it's very civilised, just a nice burble. On full throttle it's mental.
  6. Sorry Parello, i never recorded it (don't have any proper equipment to do so), there must be a thousand videos on youtube with exhausts and sports cats to give you some idea...
  7. Yep that's probably going to hurt the eardrums a tad. Berks + Cobra got compliments from a wide range of fezza, pork and lotus owner FWIW.
  8. It might be too loud for some people as a combo though. Id recommend buying the pair and installing the HFCs if you want extra noice and power.
  9. Mattross I ran the Cobra with the standard cats for 2,000 odd miles down to Monaco and back but the verdict was that it was still too quiet. The HFC added huge drama and really added to the experience. Bum dyno also measured an increase in power
  10. I'm sure you had a good reason for selling but less than half price seems crazy cheap given how rare they come up.
  11. No, but if you really want to see my saggy old wife doing her wobbly cowgirl impression I'm sure we can upload something to YP for you? Will send you a link shortly...
  12. Reflecting their rarity - you're welcome to pay Tarmac close to £1500 for the pair new if you'd prefer? Never seen Berks go for less than £350 and some of them are years old. The Cobra HFCs are even more expensive. How often does the full Cobra system come up? And when it does, do they go for <£700? Not that I've seen.
  13. I sold my 370ZN back to Nissan Mill Hill last week but they wanted the original exhaust and cats back on it hence why these aftermarket parts are up for sale. The Cobra has done 13k miles, Berk HFC 10k miles - I want £400 for them and £700 for the Cobra (inc Y-Pipe). Discounts of £75 and £250, respectively. These are both rare as rocking horse organ donors and hold their value very well. Discounted to £1000 for the pair (and OMG what a special combo they are). All nuts, bolts & gaskets included. Note that the Cobra is probably the best-fitting aftermarket exhaust for the Nismo extend
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