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  1. Tom-89

    Z prices

    I have thought about putting it back to standard but don't have the space to store the parts or the time to do that living where I do now unfortunately so has to go as it is. Ekona: I'm getting a standard wheel for it and wasn't aware the year wasn't in the advert, thought it did it off the reg plate so that's been changed. What other detail would you put in the ad? It lists the mods, the history, the mileage, didn't think it was lacking detail really.
  2. Tom-89

    Z prices

    Just wondering what people's opinions are on the pricing of my 350? It's coming with full 12m mot w/no advisories, got a few nice bits fitted and interest in it seems limited...had far too many timewasters - either no shows or agree a price and 'yea I'll send a deposit' and never to be heard of again...- it's considerably less than I paid for it a couple of years ago and has done about 4k since then and only about 500 miles this year which is partly the reason for sale. Is the market just terrible atm? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201706136394923?postcode=gu13de&am
  3. Anybody got a standard steering wheel? with or without the airbag, can get that seperately but will need the steering wheel to be complete with centre cap too. thanks
  4. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201706136394923?postcode=gu13de&make=NISSAN&radius=1500&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&model=350 Z&advertising-location=at_cars&price-to=5000&sort=sponsored&page=3 autotrader ad with more photos
  5. Will take offers on this. Just going through MOT so will have full 12m, losing parking so needs to go soon.
  6. Ended up going away for a while and only just got round to advertising this again. New reduced forum price, any questions shout, will MOT at asking price. Thanks!
  7. it's also dawned on me that i've added it in the 'for sale' bit rather than 'zeds for sale'. Will message a mod and sort some pics out
  8. Evening all!The time has come to part with the Z, I decided to do this end of last year having moved further into central London and commuting out, having 2 cars is a nightmare in itself in terms of parking and pointless having the Z to sit in traffic. it's been used about 3 times this year and not turned a wheel for over two months So basics: JDM, 64k miles, extensive service history in Chilli red. No clicking axle, clutch was done approx 10k miles ago with receipts. Rad fans were also replaced - can't remember exact date but also receipts. MOT until August, no ad
  9. 10! Lot of choice there. ok; Lambo Miura Datsun 240z 964 Turbo 993 GT2 997 GT2 as a track toy e-type (maybe) DB5 Lancia Stratos Bowler Wildcat Then something big and diesel for sensible ish trips. The e type may be exchangeable for an F40. Undecided right now.
  10. cheers guys. better have a think about what I have to do. Won't be trading in will do it all privately I reckon. May stick it on ebay for around 6 and then if zero interest start stripping bits off and dropping accordingly. Also handily has a private reg - meaningless to me but valued at £5-600 so may try and get that sold first
  11. So I'm having a big life dilemma. I moved to London recently and I'm struggling with 2 cars (also have a 320d, needed to tow a motorbike, commute), usage wise and parking wise. I' ve had the Z for about 15 months now and absolutely love it... BUT the situation is far from ideal so I've been toying with chopping them both in to compromsie with a 325/330d m sport, still undecided but wondering what sort of money I could expect from my Z Basics - '04 Import with 63k miles. fsh from import and oil & K&N filter done around 1k miles ago. - It's been remapped, no import limiter. -
  12. I'm having a bit of a clearout in light of moving house in a few weeks time. Now got a couple of other watches so these two haven't been worn for well over a year, most likely longer thinking about it. First is an Armani watch, still have the presentation box. Never really worn that much, few superficial scratches but very good condition overall. cost £190 so.. £75ono posted Second is a Diesel one, think this one cost less, something like £120/130. Thick band style watch. strap is a little worn in that it has slight crease marks in the leather where you pull it tight. £35 post
  13. Tom-89

    engine oil

    cheers boys, picking some the Fuchs stuff up from jumping350 tonight and have a k&n filter and a nice new magnetic drainplug on order from Tarmacsportz
  14. Tom-89

    engine oil

    Time for a refresh of the oil.. so 5w30 fully synth....any brand preferences? also how much goes in?! and are there any benefits with the k&n/HKS oil filters or just stick with OEM/pattern? I did try searching for 'oil' but the word was too short....
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