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13 hours ago, pintopete58 said:


THERE'S still 3 weeks 2 go before winter. 

So how do you run it during the winter.

Yes I sorn mine during the winter but still run it and drag it out on a dry winters day

It was SORN 30th September, just couldn’t get a full clean in until this weekend.

I just start it and run full heaters including seats then full air con, again with the seats then lock her back up, in first gear, no handbrake.

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7 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

Drove down from Manchester to London last night.

Such a clear quiet motorway.


Then hit London and it was snow covered roads EVERYWHERE. Not even the main roads were gritted.


Thought I'd never make it to my parents house but the zed did me proud 


That was immensely brave of you to do that journey in the current conditions - big respect to you and the Z!

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