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Re-body My Zed


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You should be filming this and putting it on a Youtube channel.


Check out B is for Build - you could do videos in their format - i.e. a few mins of commentary describing what you're going to do each day, and then just filmed from a static camera position on time lapse.  Would make compelling viewing.



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On 17/06/2021 at 12:33, marzman said:

You should be filming this and putting it on a Youtube channel.


Check out B is for Build - you could do videos in their format - i.e. a few mins of commentary describing what you're going to do each day, and then just filmed from a static camera position on time lapse.  Would make compelling viewing.



Hi Marzman

I have been working on a possible sponsorship for a YouTube channel I would love to do that , but one of my biggest problems is time !!! so if a company wants to help me out with products i need or tools to help speed up the process  , i would be all over it , helping them promote and showcase their tools or composites and how to apply them , I am just a regular guy doing this build on my own , it's tough enough , it takes time to film and edit , post etc .

I did a few tech tip vids all my buddies like them , but it takes time away from the build .

Even the time it takes to update the 3 sites I have this build on sometimes is a struggle to squeeze it in.

It's awesome you think it's worthy , nice to know I am not the only one that likes it .

And I would like to thank everyone again for all the positive feedback , it really helps !!

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Thanks everyone for fallowing along and the fantastic positive feedback .


Been busy as usual , had some crazy heatwave here last weekend , 4 days with temps in the high 30's .

Also did something nasty to my knee , that's slowed me down a bit can only do stuff standing , it's getting better ... very slowly , 30 years of racing motorcycles didn't help .

been working on the trunk lid and the hood ,

will start with the hood .




This bottom of the hood started out as just a test in the new shop to test the waters , I had a couple of gallons of resin that were really old and had probably been below the 45 degree limit . so i did a copy of the bottom of the stock hood , this would give me a look at where i could make more room foe goodies . I had to trim a bunch for the fenders , so as time went along I decided to use it . 

Now I need to extend the back of the hood ,these pieces are just to support the the part for the fiberglass .




Making the part to slide under the back to hold up the extension





once glassed it will get trimmed at the blue line , you have to go past to get a consistant thickness 



checking  supports  to see if it's still level 



Here is the part sanded to a taper to slid in , the plastic part behind will go on top so the glass wont stick to the support .



roughing up the glass for a good bond 



getting ready to bond it down 



holding it down , I use body fill to glue the two pieces of foam together .



next is to add a little filler to smooth the transition 




 then three units of mat



another strip of plastic to avoid it sticking and some wood and squeezie clamps









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Oh the other thing I should mention is I bought a 3D printer to make some parts for the car , oh course i have have to learn how to use it first , ( more time , later nights )

So I bought a Creality CR10 V3 

I have been working on drawings for the emblems and a Crest  ( badges )

so far so good  . 




I have to rearrange some stuff  in my office for It .

It will print 400 x 400 x 600 mm



The verity of filament is ridiculous , I can print these in chrome or black chrome or any combination of colors  , I have to learn CAD again .....not easy  .





this is the first one , needs tweaking  






just an idea of what it would look like , of course it would be set in flush




And on the hood .

times up . maybe tonight i can post some pics of the trunk lid progress .

Cheers Mates


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Ok  back to the hood , I know it's kind of boring .....




So here is how the hood extension came out  , a little wavy at the back in the middle . but that will be cut off .

I don't want to see the wipers , they are just not nice to look at .




Making the small rise out of foam for the wipers to fit under  



gluing it down 




Some body filler , then one unit of mat and one unit of roving , covered by two units of mat glass .




the roving gives it strength 




I mixed a bit too much resin ( heat getting to my brain ) so I added some filler and painted it on the fender  .




Glass ready for a trim 




Hood is upside down here to cut the bottom away and remove the foam .



Trimmed and back on 




Look no more ugly wipers ..








Here you can see when the top of the hood goes on the rise will be very small 

I have been working on the trunk and rear deck also , should have an update on that soon .


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And once again thanks gents for the kind words , you make me out to be some kind of wizard !! . thanks so much it really does help to get through the dark times , dragging my butt , scratching my head thinking how do i do this next bit.

So sorry to say more boring stuff for now .

First the hood latches . 

Earlier on I made provisions for the latches to go .IMG_20210713_144150369.jpg.2fb2bb5dd898146bd571bbadea609a6e.jpg


I used the radiator mount for the latches , so it's easy to drill in the right place for the hood latch pins .  

This is still the bottom part of the hood , so I needed to cut the holes for the latches , and then cover them , so once the lower hood is molded I will know where to cut out the holes for the latches .





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I must apologize for the last post , I started way too late and was falling asleep ....

So here we go .

back to the back of the car .



Here you can see body working in the Batman humps , I glued the two wooden bucks back on and used the laser to find my intersecting point where the quarter and the deck meet .





once the deck lid is set in stone so to speak , i will trim the trunk lid to fit 




I put tape on just to see how things are shaping up , the tape doesn't show all the curves but it helps .

can't wait until the roof is finished and I can foam the quarter panels in !!




well that it for today , off to the shop to do some more .



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Hi everyone 

Another update



I have been working on emblems and crests with my 3D printer 








Onto the quarter panels .....I have lost a lot of time this past couple of weeks with helping people etc .







here I am using the laser in lock mode , which means it won't self level , it's a great feature .

You can set an angle , i am using the angle finder so i can repeat on the other side , plus putting insurance marks on the wall .IMG_20210726_150250882.jpg.b33122680b2a34e608e09530a7613cb4.jpg






here I am interlocking the bucks together so I can keep the shape and make it strong enough to work it with tools once filled with foam



Here I am laying out the cut with a baton , I an I will copy the part for the other side before gluing it in place .








I am getting excited again , seeing some progress .







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Another update

Working on the quarter panels .............gotta get this car done !!!!











Gas fill door , will be using the factory lid , made the quarters to match the shape .













cheers for now ............

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