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Left a bit stumped on what to buy in the future. I have OME wheels on my '03 Zed and Michelin stopped making the Pilot Super Sport for the rear size :'(


My previous set up had amazing handling, reaction and control. I felt safe driving fast as the car did what I wanted to do.

Front 235/45R18: Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Rear 245/45R18: Michelin Pilot Super Sport


Now I know the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is meant to be the sucessor of the Pilot Super Sport but the Pilot Sport 4S is only being made for 19/20" rims and I cannot get them on my car unless I buy new rims.


I cannot get the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 as they don't make them for the front size...


Who else is running the OME wheels on their Zed? Recommendations?

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@davey_83 another one of your crew here!  

I'm running retreads on my astra and they rock.   *gets defibrillator for Dan*   Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk    

As above. Tyre universe were a few hundred pound cheaper than all the usual suspects last week for a set of 4 mpss.   I got 2 X 275/35/19 and 2 X 245/35/19 MPSS for around £800. Everywhere else wa

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Hi all,

had to replace all 4 tyres on my 370ZGT over Christmas. Previously had Bridgestone Potenzas now have Mitchelin Pilot Supersport. So from feeling unsafe at even gentle speeds and tramlining and wandering all over the road to WoW totally different car, Traction and grip even in wet is great. Difficult to wheel spin now! Also road noise is less. I never thought tyres could make a difference but its a totally different car. For reference I think the 245 PSS have been replaced now with the  4 or 4S, 275 still available. Strongly recommend these if you can get hold of them and have £1,100 - £1,200 to blow.

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On ‎01‎/‎02‎/‎2007 at 14:07, rickya said:

From personal usage on different cars:


MPS: 4/5 (Great all weather tyre, though expensive,predictable on limit)

Toyo Proxy T1-S: 4/5 (Great in cold wet weather, predictable on limit,havent used in heat yet)

Bridgestone Potenzas SO2: 3.5/5 (Good in Hot weather, a little soft)

Nankang NS2: 3/5 (Excellent Budget tyre for everyhting except maybe tracklaps)

Bridgestone Re040: 2.5/5 (Average)

Bridgestone Turanzas: 2.5/5 (Average)

Ventus Plus: 2/5 (Ok in hot summer, but crap in wet & hard as rocks, crap,cheap)

I do like the look of the Nankang  but I have heard good and bad about them,,,



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10 hours ago, mx49 said:

So whats the best mid range tyre (say £120 per hoop?) As all the previous recommendations seem to be out of production ? This is for a 350z on standard 18" Rays :-)

Front or rear for that price?


MPS4 are only £127.62 each for the fronts from Black Circles, before the 10% off (which Shezza forgot to mention is only for Michelin or Avon tyres, by the way).

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Hi. I've got the same dilema. Running on standard Pilot Supersports but have a puncture on the rear. There don't seem to be any Michelin performance options in 245/45/18 size. Any recommendations?

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My 350z tyre review:

Many of you have tried quite a few tyres, many thinks for all the info you have all contributed. Sure helped me choose my tyres.

So far I’ve seen the older Falken tyre reviewed here, so here are my thoughts on the newer 510’s.


Falken FK510
Standard sizes 245/45 rear and 225/45 front.

Great tyre, great price. As everyone has already said, they are far better for the UK climate. Grip and handling is up nicely and road noise is a little down too. They feel more predictable and if I give too much throttle they don’t make the traction control kick in as much.


Old (when I bought the car):
Standard Bridgestone Potenza’s on the rear
Nokian ZLine on the front

Yeap, same as everyone here, Bridgestone’s suuuuuck. Only good when it’s warm, +15 Degrees Celcius. But yes the upside is low wear, my half worn tyres lasted over a year about 12-15k miles. Nokian’s, well I must say they were pretty impressive. I think it may be due to the fact that Nokian make amazing winter tyres and the compound is more suited to UK, I prefer  them over the Bridgestone’s too, but not the Falken's. If I were to buy a winter tyre I would look no further than Nokian, probably WR A4.


That’s my 2p J Cheers All

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6 hours ago, ricochet said:

Standard size Uniroyal RainSport 3's all corners cos i like the tread pattern,

also it says 'Shark Skin Technology' on the side wall so they must be good. 



Don't know if it's clever marketing but when Uniroyal use the terms

RAINSPORT, SHARKSKIN TECHNOLOGY it makes me feel they're safer in the wet.

Got these on our Kia Sportage.

Couldn't get them in 175/65/15 for our Mini so put Uniroyal RAINEXPERT on instead.

I mean, rainEXPERT.......EXPERT! :lol:

Never really pushed either really hard braking/accelerating/cornering in the rain.

So I can't really say more than they're doing well for me so far.

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One of the most odd tread patterns ever in my opinion, at a glance they look directional however they're not. Very much looks like they would shift standing water better one way than the other, they confuse me always have lol

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why dont you think they are directional?   

  'OUTSIDE' is stamped on the tyre wall........

ps keep waxing those seats.......


and i regret missing the last meet,  if i had known all this would happen....... 



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