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  1. @mr v6 no pics of the 350z being detailed in the link?
  2. I've got a 3" backing plate with the DA8 as well as the full size one. That's why I went for this polisher so I can do my motorbike as well :-)
  3. Hi All, getting a DA8 polisher for Christmas and wondering if anyone can recommend a good pad/compound combination for the paint on a 2005 350z (sunset orange) as I believe all the manufacturers have different clear coat hardness so it's not a one compound/pad suits all. The other point is that the car is obviously 15 years old and I guess this affects the hardness of the clear coat. This is my first time with a DA polisher and I am hoping to just get rid of minor swirls and bring a bit of shine back to the paintwork as the roof, bonnet and hatch are looking especially dull :-)
  4. Would love to come but its a bit of a trek for me from Nr Chester (hour and a half according to Google) but keep me posted on any more local to Cheshire would love to come along and have a good chinwag on all things 350zish :-)
  5. So whats the best mid range tyre (say £120 per hoop?) As all the previous recommendations seem to be out of production ? This is for a 350z on standard 18" Rays :-)
  6. I'm looking to do the same to my Z once the weather warms up so be good to know how you get on. I'll be at home on axle stands although I may rent a ramp to do all the cleaning work first but can't afford to leave it on ramps overnight to let it dry properly etc.
  7. Mx49 - Tarporley So does anyone fancy organizing a meet up as there's a lot of people on this list now or is there a NW meet up page already which I've missed ?
  8. Has anyone still got the PDF of how to do this as my fuel gauge is playing up and when I click on the original link I get a bad address report :-( Cheers
  9. mx49

    350z clutch

    Hi, are you guys experienced in 350z's as I am looking for someone to hopefully do some relatively minor work on my clutch that even though the previous owner change it (and the flywheel) less than 2000 miles a go doesn't feel right to me. I know there are some issues with the master/slave cylinders on them so don't want some uninitiated garage looking at it :-) Regards Mike
  10. The coil springs have been an advisory on the z (2004 model) I have just bought so I need to replace them. I am keeping it standard. Anyone bought new standard springs from anywhere including Nissan? Seen plenty of Kilen ones on eBay but no idea if they are any good?? Anyone priced up new ones from Nissan and if so how much? Any other recommendations or I guess I could get some good condition secondhand ones from somewhere.
  11. Hi, after much looking and not being over impressed with a Honda S2000 I test drove I finally saw sense and bought my first 350z ! It is a 2 owner 66k mile GT model. Not bad condition but needs lots of bits and pieces doing to get it it to how I want it. Going to keep it standard, as that is what floats my boat :-)
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