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  1. Affirmative. I used to track the Z but it cost me a bloody fortune!
  2. I'm going. went for the first time last year staying in Blue Sud on both occasions. I'll be in a Renault traffic with 5 mates. It's stickered up too but i don't think, "Westmorland Vehicle Hire" counts as go faster stripes
  3. Haven't been on the forum for a while. checking back in today and reading this thread has got me in the mood for some more trackdays. bought my first house at the end of last year so i'm spending all my £££ on that at the moment though. I wonder if i can get away with buying a shed and a bottle of brake fluid and then scrapping it at the end of the year
  4. I am very judgmental on the road. It comes from driving around 3 hours a day on average. If, in my opinion an indicator is put on a fraction of a second too late or early, even if the consequences are negligible, i will still brand the driver a useless %^&*. i will literally judge a driver for anything - this attitide does (not as often) result in praise though. foresight on the motorway gets you a gold star but like me they might just be impatient and judgmental don't worry about it.
  5. Yawn. next week should be half decent with the P1 but that was an episode made up entirely of the crappy challenge with blatently staged not verry funny gags. the only break from it was reasonably priced car which was also cringe with Hammond's intrusion. They could have had at least one car review. I mean c'mon. not a single one!!! Next week I'll watch the P1 part then be turning off
  6. Just got back from my first bike purchase in a while. It's the first road bike I've ever bought new. Got a Fuji Altamira with shimano 105 group set for an absolute steal. Looking forward to getting out on it but if this rain persists it won't get much use!!!
  7. Just digging up an old thread (using the search ) My nearside HID bulb has gone and i need to replace it. Looking at Biscuit's and Dblock's posts, is it better to go for a brand like phillips that is just 4300k or is a 6k better? I just want as much light as possible, but don't really want it to be yellow. Also is it worth putting better bulbs in the full beams while i'm at it? - I have an 05 pre-facelift so they aren't HIDs. I had played with the idea in my head of fitting something like this too a couple of months ago and now i'm thinkng about it again. someone talk me out of it!!!
  8. That's the point I have been trying to make, although it has been fluffed with typos (loads in that last post, sorry) and raging. Most people don't use the roads properly. My work college was shocked the other day when I pulled over in our big van to let a rs Clio past on a B-road. He said he would have never done that, to which I replied, "That's why I'd rather drive than sit in the passenger seat with you behind the wheel. If everyone thought about the big picture a bit more the roads would be a much more pleasant place." Same goes for cyclists and those damn pedestrians who suddenly stop in the middle if the pavement. Or isle in a supermarket. I swear some people should be banned from walking in crowded areas! And wasso you couldn't be more right. Nobody buys a bike to ride sensibly. I want one, purely because I can go at stupid speeds for cheep, and that's why I won't get one. Sorry mate I didn't see you, I'm not usually on the lookout for riders dressed all in black going 160!! Mannnn. I'm having a ranty evening!
  9. Re: the side by side formation. It does say it is allowed I. The Highway Code when safe to do so... Not on a narrow country road on the wing side of the pavement or 3 a breast like Hal the cyclist do round here. As I said I. My first comment everyone seems to get tarred with the same brush I this matter, but that's because it is nearly every cyclist that breaks the rules. As I said initially, I won't cycle with my dad it brother as they constantly go 3 up next to me round blind corners and I tell at them like I would any other cyclist. If you want to use the road for pleasure it doesn't give you the right to ignore the rules or not concentrate. When I cycle I do so as I would when driving. Signal correctly, be wary and currious of other road users, and not cruise along next to someone chatting away swinging out into the middle of the road all the time. It boils down to the fact that most people don't use roads properly while driving, then while cycling they are having a recreational moment so they are even worse.
  10. I won't go biking with my dad and brother as they have no respect for traffic laws and I am constantly embarrassed and having a go at them. I know there are points to be made on both sides about cyclists on the roads and everyone get tarred with the same brush. However if I see a cyclist on the road at night with no lights I will shout at them, the same way I will hold my horn constantly if I see a car at night with no lights on. Tbh, and this may sound harsh but maybe it's Darwin's theory sifting out the retards. Hmm. Maybe not because a retard car driver can kill a cyclist but you see my point. 95% of people are idiots.
  11. Already done Georgie is hot, but just kind of struck me as literally only there for eye candy at least Natalie seems to have a clue. Georgie always struck me like she would be a naughty girl, shall we ask ant or dec, whichever one it was she dated?? Yeah all she did was arch her back, stick her bum out and ask Ant Davidson questions that he had answered 5 seconds ago.
  12. Great fast road pad and fealt good on the track. Mine didn't last long on the track though. However this might be because I kept getting onemorelap-syndrome. Change your fluid before a track day. If you have old/crap fluid it will boil and you will go into a corner much faster than anticipated with your foot flat on a squishy brake pedal and a mess in your trousers.
  13. Pinks is hot. She is RIPPED!!!! Google her now and have a look. My friends girlfriend ask sky customer support why Georgie Thompson wasn't on this year and got a response asking for her error code, lol.
  14. Pinks is hot. She is RIPPED!!!! Google her now and have a look. My friends girlfriend ask sky customer support why Georgie Thompson wasn't on this year and got a response asking for her error code, lol.





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