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Little known facts about the 350Z


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Just found out 2 things when painting my rear strut brace

1) the cargo net can be attached to the underside of the strut brace. I guess this is for larger items?



2)it looks like there is a boot release tab hidden under the strut bar. It looked to have a picture of an open boot on it so presume thats what it does. Begs the question who's small enough to get stuck in a Zeds boot?


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Self closing doors


I thought that was just mine!! Is this a known thing? I was thinking I'd have to replace both door hinges at some point, but now I won't bother!

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It's same on mine and most other zeds with the self closing doors.

It's the self closing tailgate that you've got to watch out for when the gas struts start failing!

When my original struts failed about 9 years ago it nearly chopped my head off.

On cold days it is starting to drop again.

I still haven't got round to removing the boot weight.

The added weight of the Nismo spoiler doesn't help either.

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Looking through this, saw a comment in here about being able to turn off the boot latch? Mine doesn't open from the outside (the button doesn't seem to work) and I assumed gubbed actuator, but could this be the case that it's been switched off?!

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On 28/06/2011 at 20:59, ATTAK Z said:

The dipstick on a 350Z was designed by a dipstick :bangin: .... fact, blatantly stolen from Husky

The 350 ZED dipstick is first page in the book LEARN TO SWEAR IN JAPANESE. Who the feck decided to bury the tiny hole way down in there ?  Not to mention a stupid wobbley hard to read dipstick. Never heard of a guide tube ? Soooooo easy to have done that

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On 10/03/2012 at 12:18, spursmaddave said:


A real man never EVER reads a Manual :boxing:

I had too.  The Datsuns new to me. Was looking the section HOW TO FISH FUEL CAP BUTTON OUT OF THE BACK OF THE DASHBOARD.

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