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NEW Front Subframe - 370Z £200

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I was recommended to buy this by my local Nissan dealer and funnily enough (not!), it turns out the problem was not related to the front subframe at all..


So, now surplus to requirements and taking up room.. bit dusty now..


Cost me about £900, does £250 sound enough of a bargain?



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They won't take it back, unfortunately..


After repeated days and days of diagnostic work they couldn't find the issue with the car (only 3,000 miles old, but been stood for a long time inside).


They did managed to alter the geometry of the car and also leave subframe bolts at the rear of the car undone, so they nearly fell out.. I have some pics on my phone and I'll try and upload them. Success.. here's when I looked under the car after a 35 drive home from the dealer.. :scare:


I stripped all the bushes, bolts and mounts out, greased them all and had it realigned (again) and now.. silence, no clicking or clonking at the front.



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Glad your issue is sorted, but bloody hell that's worrying how they left your subframe bolts. 

They sold you (very expensive) parts you didn't need and gave your car back to you in an unsafe condition... And people wonder why I'm so against main dealers. :bangin:

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Ah, usual story, they say they didn't touch the rear of the car and that the bolts had shaken loose on their own 'as it's been stood'..:headhurt:


In the eyes of the law, it can't be proved they cocked up (although the balance of probability is stacked against them), but it's not worth the aggrevation (to me). I have enough stress in my life!


They fitted a new main battery under warranty (wow!) while it was in and didn't bolt that down properly or secure any of the trim panels under the bonnet correctly with their little plastic pins either, so it really points to people not giving a toss.. the workshop manager just keeps talking AT you , repeating himself time and again until you want to rearrange his features.. in the end I just politely exited stage left..


I had to kick off last time it was in (for the same thing) as the car came back with bootprints on the glove box lid and proper filth and oil all over the driver's door alcantara and seat, capets etc. Frankly shocking for them to do that, but looking at the state of their workshop, it's not hard to see why the muck transfers! Their excuse that time was Covid meant they couldn't clean the cars prior to handover!! They do have a good 'excuse book'! :blink:


It won't be going back them EVER, that's for sure.

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4 hours ago, ibrakeformoose said:

Their excuse that time was Covid meant they couldn't clean the cars prior to handover!!


That part is true, many many dealerships including my own were told for a long time that we weren't allowed to wash, hoover or even prep the cars from service or sales. 


Trust me, it was as boring for us as it was for customers. Have you tried contacting customer services? A strongly worded letter or email goes right to the top, trust me

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Another classic example of how un knowledgeable the main dealers are on these cars. Do not give your car to a main dealer, its been said soooo many times before. I gave my 350z to a main dealer years ago and asked them to just put it on a ramp and refit a rear vacuum hose on my plenum, 10 min job. I called after 3 hours and they said they were working on it still. Tried to palm me off with a bill for £360 + vat. I stormed in there made a scene, gave them £30 and demanded my keys back. Suffice to say I got my car back and vowed NEVER to use a MD again.


The lot you used should be shot. I would insist on my money back based on wrong diagnosis and bloody neglect for not refitting bolts. I would demand my money back or go to OFT.



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Sorry to hear of this, just terrible service every which way. A car with full dealer service history is absolutely no guarantee its been serviced and maintained correctly. I work in the industry 'poacher turned gamekeeper' and know this first hand. If its not a job that's been dealt with poorly, its overcharging or charging for work not needed. They tend not value the individual customer as you are just one of many, whereas a smaller recommended independent word of mouth and good service is of greater importance as they aren't part of a large franchise.

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8 hours ago, Olly350z said:

Don't worry, we think most customers are the same. Normally numpties (politely) when they turn up with there self diagnosed issues :thumbs:


My favourite one is when people void warranties :D



I completely second this :lol: customers and their self diagnosing always a pain, 

main dealers all the kit and don’t know @*!# 

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