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Another Golden Oldie - Thank You GMballistic


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A huge thank you from the club to Gareth (a.k.a. Granville and GMballistic) for many years of Moderation goodness. He's stepping down and going gold.


You only need to have a quick look at his post count to know that Gareth has contributed an outstanding amount of time and effort; from simply helping the club tick over day to day, making frequent suggestions as to how to make the place more accessible, helping out Members with answers or info or posting up links, not to mention 1000s of threads moved to their correct locations and much more . A truly outstanding contribution, the like of which a club this size could not survive without.


Thanks a bunch mate and please don't be a stranger.


The Team

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2 hours ago, coldel said:

It was always about the bullets...;)

I just wanted that gold watch col. ;)  


...actually Stu said he was going to give me cash instead. :lol:   



*Just for clarification in case any members can't tell that was a joke we do not get paid as team members or any other benefits*

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18 hours ago, ilogikal1 said:

Does this mean that with less behind-the-scenes things to do, you'll have more of an in-front-of-the-scenes (?) presence again? ;)

Sorry but not really buddy.

That's part of the reason for stepping down as I find myself with less free time for coming on here as a hobby of mine (RC car speed runs) that I love doing takes up more of my time now.

Video below I made from one of the UK speed run events that I attended/entered last year.



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Top Man. Always there on hand to assist. Thanks for all your efforts. You are certainly part of the fabric that makes this place such a great place to be. Wishing you the very best Gareth.



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