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Zed Shed Antics - Something will happen!


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8 hours ago, Keyser said:



The Zed Shed II Refurb is finished and it's back to shenanigans :thumbs:


We emptied the main garage area and the wife was there again with the vacuum cleaner getting it ready for paint -




The ramp pits needed some work!!




Better -




The floor Before -






and after 3 coats





Then we had to move everything back in and rearrange it to look better.

Some new tool boxes






All tools away nicley







Some custom made tool holders (stainless steel so they should stay looking good)











Now the boards look like this -









pure garage porn!!

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I have no words :cry:



No I was mistaken I do have something to say

It looks fantastic you and the missus have done an excellent job as usual :)


(But for rubbing it in about how tiny mine is compared to yours, when I do actually get down to see you I'm going to doodle on your pristine white walls with my Crayons  ;))

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35 minutes ago, andybp said:

I have no words 


Ha - Got ya!



36 minutes ago, andybp said:

No I was mistaken I do have something to say

It looks fantastic you and the missus have done an excellent job as usual 

Thanks mate :):thumbs:



36 minutes ago, andybp said:

(But for rubbing it in about how tiny mine is compared to yours, when I do actually get down to see you I'm going to doodle on your pristine white walls with my Crayons  ;))


I almost feel bad - only ALMOST :p:lol:


If you doodle on my walls you will have Mrs Keyser to answer to - I wanna be there for that :boxing::)

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1 hour ago, Flashback said:

Do like those tool boxes, where did you get them from? Zed Shed 2.26 looking great!


The long set of draws is from SGS



Very impressed with the quality especially given the price - go look at the price of a snap on :scare:

Would recommend it - but you need a long space to fit it! They do a couple of smaller ones.


The tool box is from eBay




Not as good as the SGS one quality wise but given size and price I think it's OK my Mac Tools one is a lot better quality but costs 4 time more, for what I wanted I'm happy it will do the job but if you want something more "rugged" you will be paying a lot more - Of course I don't know how they will last, I'll let you all know if they start falling apart :scare:


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10 hours ago, veeg33 said:

Who do you report to when there is an incident? :dry:........ Just curious who is your supervisor :blackeye:


Me I'm the supervisor

I personally don't report to anyone (except Mrs Keyser when I'm in need of plasters / medical attention and dripping blood - happens more often than you'd think :scare: )


But I do have the T-Shirt to cover this -









What you can't see in that picture is the last line of the notice -


Here is a close up ;)




There are a few Notices in the Zed Shed :lol:



Keyser :)

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On 23/11/2019 at 10:30, teejay said:

Anything happening lately been quiet for a while


What you think I haven't been up to my neck in it ???!!!!





To be honest I have been really busy with loads of stuff, work is manic and there are possibilities of some major changes in the company in the next few months, if these do go ahead then there will be some lifestyle changes for me and the good lady wife.

This has also got me thinking about my current project list along with the huge number of other things (not necessarily car related) that I want to do.

There is a very strong possibility that I will bin the Pop Z project as something has to give and I can't bring myself to let go of the Radical just yet!!! Believe me when she is running right (which is not very often :lol:) there is nothing like it as a driving experience, or at least nothing else I can afford to do!

I also do not have a limitless supply of this thing they call money and you can only spend it once - being as I'm getting older (read got old) there are a few other things we would like to do which unfortunately also cost money!


So if anyone wants to do a 350 or 370 LS swap drop me a PM I have an LS engine and gearbox that would drop in a treat going up for sale  :thumbs:


It's not all doom and gloom though so do not fear, We still have to get round to another complete redesign on the Radical to stop the bloody thing melting / blowing up on track, The Electric go carts project is still being progressed and I still have the GTR in the "Stables" for those occasions where a pleasant drive out is in order




I'll catch you up on the E Carts soon as  we built another one and in the meantime this happened.






Yes I had to collect @Beb 370 after it broke down :(


Original diagnosis was CPS, also the battery died and would not take a charge, Beb replaced the CPS and put on a new battery, The Z then started but wasn't right, I diagnosed a seized aircon pump from what I could see looking between the rad fans and the engine (not much)

Unfortunately I was close it was something sized but it turned out to be the Supercharger !!!!!

The Zed is currently in the Zed Shed II in bits while we try to source a replacement C38 – 81 Rotrex SC!

Not sure what happened, the cause is oil starvation, but we have no idea where the oil went, the reservoir was checked on a regular basis, I found no leaks, split pipes or damage to the oil cooler. There was no oil in the undertray or on Beb’s drive (which is block paved and you would see it). My current theory is that the seal on the main shaft went and the oil pumped through the engine, but we will never really know what happened.

More on that story soon.




Maximum Effort :thumbs:


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That's a bit worrying when you are not 100% sure where the supercharger oil went, as you will always be a bit nervous that it might happen again once you fit the replacement supercharger.


Shame about the zed pop but depending upon how much money you have tied up in it and storage space you can always mothball it for a few years. That's what I did with my Renault 5 GT Turbo back in about 2003. I dragged it out in 2013 and did some work on it, but due to lack of time its been wrapped up in the corner of the garage since. I am beginning to wonder though will I ever have time to finish it, and maybe I should just sell it off and use the space for something else, but it does have some sentimental value so it would be a shame.

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6 hours ago, Beb said:

I bought the car so I could be the voice of reason and stop him putting the V8 in there :lol:

I think you should do it so he stops encouraging me to put it in mine he's like the devil putting temptation in my way :)

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Well hello, I’m back by popular demand, Well not that popular and no demand but I’m back anyway :lol: 


Loads been happening in my life with work (my actual job that pays for these silly hobbies), My hobbies, new projects with the mad scientist aka @Beb, The long-suffering Mrs Keyser’s kitchen refurb and even a new car. :drive1

A few updates to get you up to speed on the latest shenanigans. Apologies if I already posted any of this but with so much going on you need the background so …………………


Previously in “Zed Shed antics – Something Will Happen” @beb got me into “race night” it’s a bit like fight club except everyone talks about it and pretty much anyone can get an invite :lol: 

This is basically a bunch of nutters with various Go-karts, scooters quads etc that are small, fast and dangerous (brakes are a very optional extra)! Every few months we all meet up and at a secret location we run these things round a Go-Kart track – it’s mental and great fun!!!!

Beb and I are building Electric versions of these mini racers,

Beb is perfecting the art of electro therapy while building our battery packs - well he keeps shouting "Ouch" and his hair stands on end, I assume thats what he is doing





He is now striping out motors and adding sensors and other strange things ???

So we built a test rig, based on an old Go-Kart from the bay




Here it is with a test battery pack and one of our motors, we have been through about 5 motors to see what will actually get us moving and how much power they draw. Motors are scourced from anywhere

Beb got the lower 2 I found the top one on a scrap fork lift :lol:



Mine was awesome but is so heavy the Go-Kart does not actually steer anymore :thumbs:

O we didn't add brakes it makes testing more exciting!



close up of the temp drive shaft - went big after we snapped a couple.

I also invested in what I hope to be the "Daddy" of elctric motors after I found a couple of refurbished ones for half the new price



abou 9-10HP so that should be intresting.

We then rebuilt the E-Quad from scratch, new chassis new battery pack, new seat and even powder coated it.


Battery pack-












Designed to fit in an estate car.

Downside was we snapped both the drive shafts so that is back for an "upgrade"

I also made a spacer and some extended axles





That allows the quck chnge from short to long and then you can have dualy rear wheels -




More soon


Keyser and the Zed Shed Crew :thumbs:


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Hi all, thought I'd try and break up the monotony with a little update,

On a completely different note, after reading what @The G Man posted on another thread it reminded me of some pictures I found while tidying my desk draws a few days back –




Ahh it seems like a lifetime ago – I still remember the sales speech in the recruitment office “Join the Army, travel to strange exotic lands and meet strange and exotic people”  

Yeah didn’t mention that these exotic people would be shooting at me did yah!!!!!



Anyway up next we have -



Its a junior go-kart chassis that the Mad Scientist ( @Beb) found for us on FB Market place - best bit was we got lost on the industrial estate when we went to collect it, knocked on the door of the wrong unit and and met some guy detailing his Lambo




So that made us anothe 30 mins late as we made a new friend :lol:

However we got the Go-Kart and I took it apart




then cut some bits out that I won't be needing :)




Then I took another perfectly good full size Go-Kart chassis that Beb and I bought from the bay last year



and cut that up



Now to Frankenstein the two together












This gives me twin bearings on each side so now I should be able to either cut the old axle in half or make 2 new ones, the idea being that with twin motors I can drive each rear wheel independently and not worry about a diff. It also means I can modify the Go-Kart cornering that lifts one rear wheel to corner into a system that keeps all 4 wheels down on corners hopefully that will improve road holding :thumbs:

That's the plan - more soon as well as some other completley unrelated things happening in the Zed Shed II, including but not limited to a fibre glass seat rebuild and a 40 year old table refurb :lol:


All the best guys n girls stay safe :thumbs:


Keyser (The crew is social distancing so it's just me, myself and I )





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32 minutes ago, Keyser said:




"I see no ships" said the captain ... "it's very unlikely that you will" said Chris with a wry smile to the cameraman "don't you know we're in Afghanistan, a land locked country, you daft bugger"

Edited by ATTAK Z
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