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  1. It's got half a tank of fuel the only light was the pop-up bonnet which I don't understand as I hadn't hit anything ??
  2. Drove to a friend then went to leave and the car firstly made a noise as the battery was flat jump started it and it ran really rough went a little way and cut out restarted it but as soon as you touched the gas it cutout anyone got any ideas
  3. teejay

    Spare wheel

    Have a look on USA breaking yards or ebay i got mine dirt cheap with a jack and some bits and didn't pay any import tax
  4. Anything happening lately been quiet for a while
  5. Don't want to upset anyone but you may have picked the wrong time to sell ? will be more chance of a sale when the warmer weather is here in springtime
  6. Had mine done on weds can't believe how much different it feels gained a few horses too with just CAI decats plus ark grip exhaust
  7. teejay

    Tyre noise

    Quick one for the tyre gurus is the AD08R quieter on the road compared to the Michelin's mpss
  8. Did you manage to get to the bottom of this problem?????
  9. As above is there going to be a club stand at this event by any chance
  10. Might sound mad but check out your coolant levels is not to low or high
  11. They have opened a outlet near me was just wondering if there stuff is any good does anyone have first hand experience with it
  12. Go Ark-grip you will not be disappointed
  13. Them works wheels or repos and someone as nicked your centre caps
  14. I like them myself but god knows how much they cost ????
  15. teejay

    Quiet decats

    So are the art pipes less noisy than the rest and what makes them so more expensive
  16. teejay

    Quiet decats

    Probably a daft question but what is the quietest HFC/DECAT to go with a ark grip exhaust
  17. if I am wright that's Snowdrifts old car and the wheels are the same sizes as mine which are front 19/9.5 offset15 rears 19/10.5 offset12
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