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Hello again and thanks guys...

Looks like I managed to post a photo but no text!!

Try again............

My previous roadsters have bee MX5s and I sold my Boxster S yesterday. Loved them all...

I pick the Z up on Thursday night.. And it cant come quick enough!!

The cars on 30000 miles with a full history..

Just hope its a good one!

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ello n welkom


what were the pros and cons on the porsche? 986 or 987 version?

one of my close mates is choosing between one and a 350z.


My Boxster was a 986S. 2001. Guards red with black leather.

Kept it for 18 months and loved it. But it was a Porsche and when it eventually needed a repair it was going to expensive!

But it was a nice car with no problems so decided to move it on while the going was good.......

Why a 350?

The 350 was the car I was looking for when I found the Porsche.

I've driven Nissans for 28 years and have had trouble free motoring. Wouldn't normally consider any other manufacturer.

Looking forward to going to bed and not worrying that the engine is going to develop major problems and cost me a fortune to fix!

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Welcome along got the same colour and roadster , I was considering a boxer but did me home work and considered that things can go wrong and cost a few bob to fix.

So decidec to go for the 350z as it me second car does me grand :) and when the sun shines even nicer :teeth:

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