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  1. I used JM Imports ( https://www.jm-imports.co.uk/ ) for a big service when I bought my 350 back in March 2016 and they were excellent. Just used a local garage since then for oil changes and simple repairs such as the cluth slave cylinder, fitting new brake lineds etc....
  2. If it's THE WAX WORKS in Morpeth its long gone, can't understand why they not taken the website down. I used THE GARAGE in Bishop Auckland earlier this year. Time will tell if they've done a good job or not. Not been able to get it on a ramp for a look underneath.
  3. Genuine Nissan parts will also have NISSAN stamped onto them. A front fender would normaly have it on the drip rail (top mounting flange)
  4. Ekona is 100% right. Good friend has recently been done for 101 in a 70. He drives for a living so cant afford a loss of licence. He's hired a solicitor to represent him and has been told it could be licence loss or large fine and points. Solicitor is a set price of £1000!
  5. Very tidy Lynchy. Any history and how many miles? I look forward to seeing it..
  6. Give JM Imports a ring ( JM-IMPORTS.CO.UK 01670 738513) and i'm sure they will be able to give sound advice.
  7. Goodridge CLG Braided Brake Hoses fit NISSAN 350Z (UK, Brembo) 2003 - 2006 I intend up grade the brake lines to Goodridge on my next service. Spotted these on ebay at only £114.95 with free postage. These seem very cheap! Am i missing something?
  8. Like Mikey said more will be coming up in the spring. If you want to have a look around a UK roadster drop me a pm. I wont be far from you. Im a retired NMUK supervisor so we might even know each other..
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-350Z-COBRA-STAINLESS-CAT-BACK-EXHAUST-SYSTEM-NON-RESONATED-INC-Y-SECTION/193685380620?epid=1765363037&hash=item2d188c5e0c:g:0VIAAOSwRylfcFTp Only 2 hours drive from Margare..
  10. Got back late last night from a 4 day scotland road trip covering 880 miles. Was a fantastic few days with very mixed weather which gave the roadsters roof some excercise by having to be dropped and raised very regularly! We traveled north on the A697 then on to Perth to visit my wifes mum. We spent the night in Perth and then moved north on the A9 for two great nights in Inverness. Did Loch Ness and over to Skye. Came back via Fort William, Oban then down to Inverary, Continued home past Lomond and joined the M74 to Carlisle, then back over to Newcastle on the A69. Spoke to a Z owner from Bristol at the Commando memorial at Lochaber who owns a silver 06 roadster. He didnt have the Z with him unfortunately. He's an OC member but I didnt get his name. He was a nice fella and I could have stood chatting all day. Only spotted one Z on the entire trip. This was a blue roadster identical to mine traveling past Loch Lomond. Waved but didnt get any response.
  11. Magic!! Brought a smile on a grotty Sunday morning.
  12. Dicky your corrosion thread has been hijacked!! Those wheels look amazing Formatzero..
  13. So how old is our oldest club member? Dicky, I know your driving an 04 which I expect would be a coupe but, what colour is it? I'm obviously not too far from you.. Where in the Toon are you?
  14. Retired 18months ago.. So officially joined the old codgers brigade!
  15. Im 58 Dicky. Not as old as yourself but certainly past the first flush of youth by a long chalk! Corrosion is on my list of jobs to do next year. Considering my options and looking at the cost.
  16. Thats a good looking Roadster. Looks like youve found a good one! How does it compare to the S2000?
  17. By the way.. Im no longer a young man!! That boat sailed a ling time ago. Im an aging Z owner now!
  18. https://www.u-service.co.uk/about-services/ Might be worth a look.
  19. Already ordered from yourself Adrian. Cheers..
  20. Cheers Jack.. I'll have a look at it.
  21. The full travel of the clutch pedal did have a consistent feel for its full travel, It now feels less firm at the top of the stroke and the bite seems lower.
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