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  1. I clean my roof with soap and a nail brush, I then seal it with FABSIL. I do it once a year and water beads well. I apply the FABSIL with a sponge making sure the edges and stitched areas are coated well. My car is an 05 and still on its original roof which is in excellent condition. I had one small tear about 3mm long. Fixed it from the inside using a STORMSURE patch, made the repair two years ago and its not budged.
  2. Also longest i've owned a car at 4 years. Considered selling during the winter but decided to hang on to it as couldnt decide waht to replace it with. Its an 05 with 43k and still in good shape.
  3. My standard 05 Roadster following being shown some attention.
  4. One or two 350z coupes in my area but i've not seen a 370 for a while. Roadsters are few and far between, think mine is the only one in the area. Love the drive up to Alston then over the top to the lakes. We do have some good roads up here.
  5. Hi and welcome along. I'm also Northumberland (Cramlington) Will look out for you. Car looks great by the way!
  6. I repaired a very small tear of about 5mm in my roof last summer using Stormsure tape. I put the tape on the inside of the roof and it seems to be holding up well. You'll pick it up dead cheap on E Bay. Might be worth a try....
  7. I would say get it fixed professionally as soon as possible. The roof material is less than .7mm thickness.
  8. Just for info, the roof panels on all Nissan motors are the only outer panel which are pressed from uncoated material. All other outer panels have a zink coating. So the secret is to touch up any stone chips as soon as pos... Reason for being uncoated material is cost reduction and the fact it is a low corrosion risk panel.
  9. I was half a dozen cars behind you going past the Toby. Didn't see the black one though.
  10. Hi, When I push my 05 DE to between 5 and 6000 revs i've started to get a sudden loss of power. Revs drop back to 4000 then its away again. Cam positions sensors perhaps? Runs perfect the rest of the time. Smooth tick over, easy start up etc...
  11. It looks amazing mate. Very Subtle! Well done..
  12. Seem to be some very cheap work being done around the country! It cost me over 220 quid just for the parts plus another 340 quid for the labour. All genuine Nissan parts by the way.
  13. Got my car booked in at JM Imports for the end of the week. Ive bought all the fluids and parts for the following work. Enging oil and filter change. Aux belts to replace. Spark plug change. Coolant change. Gearbox and diff oil change. Brake and clutch fluid change. Check brakes. Give the car a full check over. Quote is £350/£400. Full days work at £50.00 an hour. Then it going in to have the wheels powder coated on Monday. That's another £300! Expensive couple of weeks! but that should be it sorted for a while.
  14. http://www.goodwoodsportscars.co.uk/ This fella is still importing cars from Japan.
  15. The rear of the sills and the rear wheel arches rust! Other than that they are bullet proof! Still plenty of good ones around. I wouldn't touch one that had a wheel arch repair. The filler can crack and the rust will probably come back at some point. Still miss my old Mk1 MX5!!
  16. Should sell dead easy! Good luck. Cant believe I've not seen you around.
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