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  1. I had a bumper repair done at the Paint N Place in Bebside near Blyth just before Christmas. Paint match is excellent and its a top job at a good price. Not sure if he does weld repairs but might be worth a run up for a chat. Guys called Gary. If you want to see the quality of his work youre welcome to have a look at my car.
  2. The car looks fantastic! Will look out for you when driving along the coast.
  3. Hi and welcome. Another blue roadster here. Im in Cramlington.
  4. Insured mine yesterday too. For comparison, my car is an 05 and completely standard. Im 54 and have seven years no claims. Set the milage to 6k. Didnt take any no claims protection or legal cover. So bare bones fully comp cover. I paid £319.00. Went with Direct Line. I think thats a fair price. And its about 70 quid more than I paid to insure the Boxster S last December. Oh.. and I have three points.
  5. Nice looking car! Im just down the road in Cramlington. Often head up to Alnwick, Seahouses or Rothbury. Will look out for you on sunny days. Think we've seen the last of those for a while though!
  6. I went from a Boxster 986S to the Z. Porsche was fine. Didnt give me any real problems in the 18 months I had it. But i did worry about the IMS and the mass of other faults they can come up with! So I went from sleepless nights worrying about the Boxster to the Z. Made the right decission. Loved the Boxster but love the Z more! Better looking and no major worries. Z for me every time! Miss my old mk3 mx5 more than the Boxster. The mx5 was like a go cart!
  7. Could you forward me the order details please. Cheers.... Steve.
  8. Hi. I'm a member but not active. Like to look around the forum but don't make any contribution. I'm based in Cramlington and drive an 05 roadster in Azure blue. Only 32000 mile and in very nice condition. If you have a meet I will try to get along. Steve.
  9. Thanks for that.. Will call the dealer tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for that . Will give him a go.
  11. Hi, Looking for a battery cover for my 05 roadster. Anybody got one?
  12. Just home from picking it up..And its amazing. Completely different drive to the Boxster and a completely different noise.. Both sound fantastic! FiddyZed..... Its an 05. 8 stamps in the book and all adds up to the mileage being correct at 30500 miles. Looking forward to having a good look around it tomorrow and a run out.. One thing that worried me was getting it in the garage. But....It went in easy. Thanks for the warm welcome folks....
  13. My Boxster was a 986S. 2001. Guards red with black leather. Kept it for 18 months and loved it. But it was a Porsche and when it eventually needed a repair it was going to expensive! But it was a nice car with no problems so decided to move it on while the going was good....... Why a 350? The 350 was the car I was looking for when I found the Porsche. I've driven Nissans for 28 years and have had trouble free motoring. Wouldn't normally consider any other manufacturer. Looking forward to going to bed and not worrying that the engine is going to develop major problems and cost me a fortun
  14. Hello again and thanks guys... Looks like I managed to post a photo but no text!! Try again............ My previous roadsters have bee MX5s and I sold my Boxster S yesterday. Loved them all... I pick the Z up on Thursday night.. And it cant come quick enough!! The cars on 30000 miles with a full history.. Just hope its a good one!
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