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  1. None, and I'm 6'3". With a helmet on I am aware that my helmet is close, or rubbing on the headlining, but that's only a small issue on a track. You soon forget about it in that situation anyway; too many other things to think about!
  2. Woodzman


    Received mine today too. As Ricochet says; top quality, and a big thanks to everyone behind the scenes.
  3. 1. SuperStu x1 2. glrnet x1 3. Wingchun8 x1 4. cs2000 x1 5: Zmanalex x 1 6: Jay84 7. Paul K x1 8. Eatonm90 9. Andy_Muxlow 10. Kev T 11. andy James X1 12. Jack94 x1 13. cob1980 14. Grumpyoldjanner 15. Killick.z 16. Ricochet 17. OranginaZ 18. Scorpion 19. Flashback 20. Daveo132 21. Irn Bru 22. MBS x2 23. Lyndzzz 24. Woodzman
  4. Ok no worries, may be catch you at a meet if the North East,if such a thing happens.
  5. I've not had to do this before but I'm reasonably confident with mechanical things so willing to give it a go if you need a hand. How hard can it be?..... Whereabouts are you?
  6. Should be able to get away for a quick spin in the evening. Trouble for me this time of year is I'm never quite sure how long I'll be working. Make it 7.30 ish, in Pont if you like, Blackbird?
  7. That's a shame, yesterday was a nice day for a drive. Wasn't sure of timings. Anyway, today is a right off, still raining hard here in Alnwick. At least i'm not working! Want to try another weekend? Same venue?
  8. Any updates? I've not managed to get on the facebook thing.
  9. I'll try and get along but harvest is about to kick off so might not have much time. Almost certain to make it if you pick a rainy weekend! Any thoughts on a venue?
  10. Jo, I'll go for the 2nd June date if that's still ok. Brakes fine, just needed a proper work out to clean them up.
  11. Sorry to hear that Jo, I'd got a good deal on a Travelodge too. Might be able to make June 2nd, what later dates had you in mind? Only reason is that just started getting some shudder under braking from rear; suspect new discs might be in order, but need time to investigate/change. If it's into August/September then work gets really busy. Apologies for the delay in replying.
  12. Think there may be some confusion with Up Rev and Revup. To be honest I'm not 100% on this but as I understand it Revup relates to later DE engines fitted in the 350Z; I know my GT4 has this version fitted, its an 05, so from then on until the HR engine was fitted, somewhere around 07, all DE engines are probably Revup. Basically the rev limit is raised to 7K, probably a few other ECU tweeks, which give another 20HP. The HR is a different engine altogether; another 10HP and a 7.5K limit. Up Rev is essentially a new ECU programme by an outside company (Up Rev) that can be done to all 350/370 engines? Try this thread for more info or ask one of the tuning companies on here.
  13. Go on then, let me be the first. Please put me down for the Cornering Masterclass day.



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