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  1. Are any of them leaking if not what's the least you take for them and posted to south Wales please
  2. Hi all just wondering if any of you ever need help to find a part no or if available just let me know as I work at a Nissan dealership and would be glad to help anyone Many Thanks Ian
  3. Need my zed back

  4. While being out in mumbles seen a Blue 350z 1st part of ref LS53 just can't wait to get mine back been in to have wheel done
  5. It's in Silverstone and its a fab weekend
  6. Hi don't know if anyone have any intrest but this is a good weekend well worth a peep
  7. preex75

    Brake pads

    Hi all hoping for some help been looking for so.e brake pads for the zed got brembos on the car just wanting to know what ppl out there are using just know I don't want ebc , also while on the subject of parts been looking at tyres for the front of the car I have falkens on at mo and don't know what to go for thinking vredestein or to stick with falkens
  8. Preex75 Porth South Wales looking to catch up with other zed owners
  9. Hi could you please tell me if you have the cover for the battery without a broken clip and if you also have a slave cylinder and the prices please
  10. That sounds like a good thing could you Gove some more I do please
  11. What happening in Wales the same weekend as jap fest then and where does it all happen





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