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  1. Just do this, sold a bike with my private number plate. As we have had issues before since the local DVLA offices were closed, I gave the buyer a receipt, 'copy' of the V5 and sent the full V5 and my car V5 to transfer the plate over (£80). Received both updated V5's in 10 days and filled in straight away into the new owners name, posted him the new v5c slip so he could get a new plate made. Job jobbed. No hassle, and now a lot easier that you don't have to send tax discs and mot's with the v317 form anymore He was local but, I confirmed his id and kept the buyers driving licence number in case he got caught speeding etc
  2. I use Pagid parts on the 350 and our XKR, OEM spec and not too expensive. Stainless brake lines on a car imho are a waste of money for road use. ProjectMu stuff is Jap aftermarket, not sure if there are any UK distributors? To be honest, if cash is tight, don't waste cash trying to upgrade, just keep the brakes it in good order and it will be far superior to a Focus!
  3. Very nice! I always wanted the ZXR750R. The nearest ive got is my ZXR750L2. It does have the alloy exhaust mounting hanger from an R on it though! Unfortunately its been off the road since about 1999 after the engine cooked itself, and so its sitting in the corner of my garage awaiting the day I find time to get her going again.. New project for you, put a zx9r B model engine in, easy swap The 750r is a mega bit of old kit, the sound from it with 39mm flatslide carbs is intoxicating Rob Yeah I did consider fitting the old zx9r engine in back "in the day". I seem to recall you had to chop a small bit out of the frame for the rocker cover to clear (or something like that). A bloke local to me fitted one to his at one point. Another local chap fitted a zx6r engine in his but that required a lot more work. They are old bikes now, but ive never had as much confidence around the bends on any of my bikes as i did on my ZXR. I remember grinding the side off the exhaust on roundabouts I could lean it over so far. I have a B3 900 in my L1 simply as the 750 went skyward last year. Boooooooom To fit the new lump, just had to shave a bit of the front mounts and elongate the front mounts (to fit the 10mm taller block) and plug in the 900 CDI. I run 750 carbs, jetted with a full system on my old trackbike, runs spot on even with me on it! Complete swap out in the same day, real easy....
  4. If you want a carbon bonnet, buy a genuine one, why bother having a fake one?
  5. Is it possible that some of the work has been done hence the price?
  6. srad34

    MOT Issue

    This ^^^^. Italian tune up for the win!
  7. I asked a couple of questions ref power and cam-belt change etc and got a quick reply: They apparently have a dyno print out showing the 390 odd bhp but he's going to get it on the dyno again this week, but it feels quicker than his M3? I think he's a trader and this was taken in px so knows nothing about its origin, but claiming the original engine failed?.Its of course immensely fast, fully sorted etc but not a lot to back it up. I guess they will say anything to get you to view and accidentally forgot about all of the flaws/lack of history! We have seen a few cars over the years that claim full history etc, but have nothing like it. Best one was a Toyota Celica Import from a local garage, very clean car, but when he proudly produced the stamped dealer service book and lots service paperwork, it was ALL for a Subaru Impreza! Nice.....
  8. Just a thought, get the cat and the system weighed in and sell the backbox as this seem's to be the only part of the system that fails?
  9. But that's the issue, the bank will not do anything unless the police prove or investigate it as to being a dodgy account. If the police were able to investigate and not restrained by costs, this story would end differently for sure. The banks will not make a decision, and happily push responsibility onto others. They should do more for its customers, its our money ffs....
  10. When you say 'non standard' do you mean the plate size, or the lettering/spacing etc? Font slightly wrong, no plate postcode an slogan at the bottom. Honestly.......
  11. The account is probably set up legitimately so the bank will not get involved. You willingly transferred the cash over so not not fraud, its theft. Call action fraud, but very unlikely you will get the cash back as it will be long gone. If its too good to believe, its a scam. Ask me how I know
  12. Apparently plates are now even more of a focus for the police as they are relying more and more on ANPR for vehicle tax checks. Instant £100 fine according to the MOT tester who failed my Jag this morning for having non standard plates....ffs
  13. Its a coating not too dissimilar from Pagid discs that have a silver coating over the disc, good for corrosion resistance and not contact surfaces, but as theheff says, I would expect the black to wear off the pad surface quickly
  14. Definitely, interesting to see them being interviewed for a change!





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