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  1. Another fellow resident! Got to love the IOM test! just get a set of rears off ebay, plenty of good suppliers and sling them on to make them happy.
  2. nex

    Passenger Wing 2004

    Bump - anyone got one knocking around? Cheers
  3. nex

    Passenger Wing 2004

    After a passenger side wing, pref in gun metal grey but will consider others at the right price. Cheers
  4. Thanks Jon, i found a company doing recon units with 12 month warranty and free next day delivery for £140 before this popped up, but thanks again
  5. After the above for a 2004 if anyone has both or either. Colour is the Darker silver (Crhomesilver)? It will need to come to the Isle of Man but it really isn't much more by most carriers but happy to pay?
  6. Yeah, not so simple on the isle of man. I'll get offered some @*!# flat metallic silver.
  7. Any ideas, it's not your normal metallic, it almost has a pear in it. (or a tleast mine do) I like mine and I'd like to get them redone so any paint code close would be great. Cheers
  8. As you likely know by now that is "beyond economic repair" and this has happened to me twice. My first was my first Z that someone drove into for me, i simply delayed collection and ensured anything of value was either off the car or replaced with stock parts. I sent them some autotrader and ebay links showing cost of replacement and I got "replacement cost" rather than the "book price" like they like to give. Again I had a GSXR-750 wrote off for me this year, I paid a low price in Jan being the winter but come summer when I looked to replace I did the same, they paid out 1,200 more t
  9. nex

    Battery Clamp Rod

    After the long rod for the battery clamp, its for an 05 but likely the same on all models. Cheers in advance.
  10. Hi Jack, yes its still for sale, its in south Birmingham few miles form m40/m42 junction. Regards
  11. Seen a few in Douglas over here, anyone on the forum?
  12. cats perhaps but no point srcapping a perfectly good mid section and y-pipe, plenty of people decide to go back to standard.
  13. Cheers mate, good to meet you hope you had a safe drive back!
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