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  1. Now with another brand new tyre as one of the new ones picked up a nail!!
  2. It's surely only a matter of time! I'm eyeing up a 675 Daytona for next year, essentially a faired striple and that was an incredible bike to ride I thought.
  3. Congratulations tom, any idea what bike you're going to buy?
  4. It's worse than that, if they cancelled your premium and you injured another party you could be liable for hundreds of thousands in damages. I declare all mods and rarely find it makes any difference to the premium, one insurer actually dropped the price when I declared mods!
  5. Agree, going too low would make them question your ability but you want to make sure you offer a big enough incentive to guarantee the switch.
  6. I have a 450D and agree the ISO performance is pretty poor. When I compared it to a similarly priced Nikon a few years ago (think it might have been the D90) the Nikon was streets ahead. That said, I agree with the others about finding a way to reduce your need for high ISO settings.
  7. Def. the merc, as others have said the new Mercedes models look great inside and out, their styling department is really on a roll recently.
  8. Thanks, I've had that email account for about 20 years so I doubt there's a spam list I'm not on!
  9. Hi all, With the impending arrival of my first child in early December it is unfortunately time for my zed to move on to a new owner. The car is a very good condition grey 2008 350Z 313 GT on a '57 plate with 36,000 miles on the clock. It has all the usual GT spec, heated leather seats, bluetooth, rays alloys, etc. I've not been able to take any decent pictures of the car yet as the weather has been awful however, the following link is the original ad from when I bought the car last year (Mods I hope this isn't a breach of any rules, I'm not attempting to advertise for this com
  10. Hello cougar store , I bought some Eibach spacers from you several months ago for my 350Z and all has been well until I recently when I had new brake discs and pads all round. Unfortunately, the nuts appear to have seized and several were completely mangled while they were being removed as they seem to be quite soft. Can you please tell me if it is possible to get new nuts for these spacers? If so, how much are they please? At present, I'm stuck with spacers on the rear and not on the front Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Jon
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