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  1. steve916


    Spotted a black 350Z in Llanfyllin, Wales last week. It was parked up on side of road for most of the week. Wondered if it's anybody on here.
  2. steve916

    [SOLD]For Sale - 2007 HR 350Z £8500 ono NOW SOLD

    Thanks Andy. It has taken a while to come to this decision but I now need something bigger.
  3. Been thinking about this for a while now, and finally decided it's time to put my pride and joy up for sale after almost 4 years ownership. Its a 2007 GT HR model (personal plates included), in midnight blue with frost leather interior. It has 87003 miles on the clock, which will increase slightly as it's in daily use but only 8 miles per day. It has service stamps in the book up until 3 years ago and after that I have been servicing it myself. Oil changed every 6 months. Spark plugs changed 6 months ago. It's had the oil gallery gaskets changed, which is a common issue with the HR's. Its got brand new Michelin Pilot Sport tyres all round, double din sat navy built in. Auto folding wing mirrors. The MOT will run out soon so I'll put a full year on it. Exterior styling, it has a Strosek style rear spoiler, Tarmac Sportz GT front lip and Tarmac side skirts all colour coded. It also has a Cobra Sports stainless exhaust. Handbrake and gearstick is in Neo Chrome. Build history in my signature below. Any further questions, please ask. Price £8500 Ono.
  4. I haven't fitted drl's to my zed but I have fitted loads to other cars in the past. The dim wire has to run to one of the headlight live wires. Either solder in to the existing loom or use a scotlok and clip it in
  5. steve916

    Heating help, Nest upgrade

    It would be able to be installed in either position as the wires from the timer will run back to the boiler in the loft. It would be more work to trace out which wire is which up there. The easier option would be to remove the timer in the hall and mount the heat link there. Your choice really. If you weren't so far away I would've helped you.
  6. steve916

    Heating help, Nest upgrade

    I installed my Nest about 3 weeks ago. Looking at your system above it should be pretty straightforward. You will have to make up a couple of short links to go from the incoming 240v to the hub ( original controller) to each switch of the hub ( heat on and water on). It'll make more sense when you start to install but it is easy to do.
  7. steve916

    *** TORQEN *** 350z DE DIY Rocker cover repair kit

    Right, after spending a couple of hours trawling the internet for a solution to this, I have found these replacement seals for up to 2006 models. https://www.amazon.com/Fel-Pro-ES-72481-Spark-Plug/dp/B00GUYG6LM/ref=pd_sbs_263_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TXF50WVRTAQKV07R9TVY Anybody know the difference in size for the HR model?
  8. steve916

    *** TORQEN *** 350z DE DIY Rocker cover repair kit

    ^^ Or anybody?
  9. steve916

    *** TORQEN *** 350z DE DIY Rocker cover repair kit

    Hi Adrian Do you know of anywhere that does this kit for a 2007 HR?
  10. steve916

    HR low oil pressure

    Some photos in my build thread ( link in signature below), of when I had mine done by Mitz at Cougar Store
  11. steve916

    350z Night Blue

    Please bear in mind that under 70k you probably wouldn't have had the symptoms of oil gallery gasket failure, so bear that in mind for a future cost. Luckily I played the warranty card when mine failed. My car sits at 82k at the moment and drives like a dream. I too fell in love with the Night Blue and frost interior Good luck in your search
  12. steve916

    My Indian Wedding - 3rd Sept 2016

    Congratulations mate. Looks like it was a fantastic day
  13. steve916

    Is it a Zonda?

    Yep, had the Zonda comment myself. There are no Nissan badges externally so they could only think of one manufacturer that begins with Z
  14. steve916

    Midnight Blue 350z HR

    Very nice but I guess I'm biased