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  1. You know what Vish... Im glad you bought it as I know it's gonna be in good hands! Once again, real pleasure dealing with you and I'm still laughing at how thorough you were... I got a taste of my own medicine for once with a buyer haha Youre right, very good base and potential for track work/drift but even as a daily, it hits the spot! I am gonna miss some of that RWD go-kart rawness. Goodbye Zeez and all the best Vish
  2. Appreciate that... And you're not wrong about the ownership maintenance. I'm seriously OCD with all of my cars and the Z is no exception. Mitz at cougarstore can vouch
  3. Right I need this gone now people... Circumstances have changed and I have dropped the price for a quick sale... £6500!!! There is no negotiation on this and someone will be getting a lot of car for this money. I can't believe I'm doing this but I cannot justify this just sitting on my driveway any longer
  4. I'm quite surprised this hasn't gone yet... I know the market is slow but am I missing something?
  5. I cannot stress how clean and looked after this example is...borderline OCD with all my cars and the Z was no exception. From the paint down to the maintainence, everything is as "mint" as could be
  6. Time has come to move on but I am seriously going to miss this car! Only reason for selling is due to requiring something more practical for family purposes. Facelift GT Rev Up edition registered in 2006 Took ownership in 07/03/2014 (at 59k miles ) Current mileage is 74k miles Later 2006 Tax band Fresh MOT - expires July 2018 4 former keepers Only uses Super Unleaded fuel (Shell V Power) All the usual Facelift GT spec features Receipts for absolutely everything including any services/oil changes carried out by myself and previous MOT’s etc. Intake/Exhaust: JWT Pop Charger (Rev Up Airbox with Cosworth panel filter included) Berks Hi Flow Cats Stillen Y-Pipe Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust Suspension: Superpro Comp Bushes Superpro ARB Bushes Powergrid front/rear Drop Links HSD Dualtech Coilovers Tein Rods/Ends Driftworks Front Upper Control Arms (new ball joints required so not yet fitted) Eibach Rear Camber Arms Eibach Toe Bolts Alignment always carried out by A-line in Dudley with geo print outs (they look after the Driftworks cars) Brakes/Wheels: Ferodo DS2500 front pads Ferodo DS2500 rear pads Black Diamond 6 grooved discs Motul RBF600 fluid Hel lines Rays alloys 20/25mm Hubcentric wheel spacers Federal RS-R tyres 245/35 & 255/35 Exterior/Interior/Misc.: Rolled arches (done by Arch Enemy) ZLED DRL's Clear rear reflectors De-wipered/De-badged Satin Z badges Stubby aerial Private plate included Aux hack Blox platinum shift knob 380RS pedal Easy access rear coilover adjustment Genuine Nissan cargo boot net The minor imperfections have been taken into consideration and are reflected in the asking price, with the only things to note being the: Usual front end stone chips Scuffs to underside front bumper – not visible unless lying underneath the car Slight kerbing and the common bubbling on the Rays wheels Slight wear on the driver’s side seat bolster Peeling on driver’s side wiper blade Service History : 01/10/2007 – 3k miles 30/09/2008 – 6k miles 30/09/2009 – 9k miles 14/06/2010 – 13k miles 17/12/2010 – 23k miles 30/06/2011 – 31k miles 09/01/2013 – 46k miles 28/08/2013 – 54k miles *During my ownership, only Motul 8100 5W30 oil has been used* Some of the major service/work carried out in my possession which i have receipts for include: 02/04/2014 – Full Service/Upgrades carried out at 60k miles Examples of items used: Motul Oil & Filter, Iridium Plugs, Gates belts, Cosworth Air filter, Gear oil, Molyslip, Nissan Anti-freeze, SuperPro Comp Bushes, SuperPro Anti Roll Bar Bushes, Motul Brake Fluid, Black Diamond Brake Discs, Ferodo Pads, Hel Lines etc (courtesy of Clark Motorsport and Cougarstore) 17/06/2015 – Service, Oil, Filter, Bosch S5 Battery – 63k miles 20/03/2015 – Specialist Wheel Adjustment (A-Line) 07/09/2015 – Rear Wheel Bearing (Cougarstore) 21/10/2016 – Service, Oil, Filter – 69k miles 07/07/2017 – Oil, Filter – 74k miles Aside from the wheel bearing and compression arm bushes being refreshed, this car has been faultless throughout my ownership. Obviously the car is 11yrs old so age related imperfections are to be expected as mentioned above. However, this car IS a head turner and always gets compliments. I’m glad I was patient in finding an Azure Blue Z! It’s extremely clean and the paint is beautiful. The 1st genuine buyer will probably snap this one up. I am in no rush to sell as I already have another car. The asking price is fair considering the total cost of upgrades, condition, age and mileage, so I'm happy to wait for the right buyer. As stated earlier, the car comes complete with fresh MOT and service carried out. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: There’s no urgency to sell - no timewasters please. I'm happy to provide any additional information required. I will NOT break, swap, PX etc. I'm happy to take genuine buyers out for test drives. --------------------------------------- Massive price drop for quick sale due to change in circumstances and I really didn't want to to reduce any further but needs must... £6500! You can contact me directly via PM Thank you, Raj (Some inspiration to show what this car did/could look like with the right wheels. I still have the Equips and could be persuaded to include in the sale for the right price...)
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    How do these differ from the AD08R?



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