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  1. Thanks. And thanks to everyone who made me realize buying off an enthusiast/forum owner was a good idea. The car has been flawless since owning, and never fails to put a smile on my face.... and a spike in my heart rate! Much more thrilling to drive than my 135i, due to the rawness and the feedback, especially with the mods that have been done and the perfect exhaust setup!
  2. As the title says, I am after a set of winter tires for the standard 18" rays. Or, a set of winter wheels with winter tires on them. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the assistance everyone. In the end I decided to view @RVSV2824 's Z first, as the write up was very detailed, the modifications very tasteful and in-line with my mod list, and all communication was very good and helpful. Raj is a really good bloke and very trustworthy, he didn't rush me, try to hide anything and was generally an all round top bloke. The car was really a head turner and such a pleasure to drive. I think he has given me a really, really good base to start with. I am currently itching at work to leave and take it for a spirited drive back home! Coming from German cars (335i, E46 M3 and most recently a 135i) I can say this car is far far more exciting. The rawness of the power, the feedback through the chassis and steering, and the tail happiness makes this car a real enthusiast car. Granted a lot of this would have been vastly improved with the mods Raj has done to the suspension and the aspiration mods for the added drama.
  4. Did I see this FS advert over on E90 post? Sure I recognize it from somewhere!
  5. Yes, certainly a good run around family car, I wouldn't mind one for the misses that I can toy with lol! I would recommend any N54 powered 1 or 3 series, but they are riddled with stupid little problems which add up. Mine ate a High Pressure Fuel Pump and an ABS pump weeks after buying it. Costing me over a grand in pumps in the first month, and about 6 hours of on the drive DIY fitting them (intake manifold has to come out for the HPFP... stupid much!). But when the work, they are insane fun. All of that headache can be resolved by taking out BMW Warranty. I did this after spending the grand and wish I did it before!! It was £60/month on mine, but sub 60K mile cars are cheaper, and it is comprehensive, the same warranty they sell on their AUC cars. Includes wear and tear too!
  6. Thanks bud! Yeah it was a weapon, but still civilized inside. I am hoping the small gap in performance from the Z will be made up by its simplistic raw approach (and a whopping loud exhaust to compliment the V6 ). Thanks for the advice on the Y pipes!
  7. I thought the same until I got myself a 2012 C Class AMG. That slightly topped the F's for me. That being said, they are still up there as being top 3 in my mind! As for the 120d, all very impressive, and all so very tempting. But for me, most diesels lack the character of a proper sports car. You can't wind them open down the lanes, and there is no drama to the noise. I had a 3 series coupe m sport with the 3L inline 6 diesel and a giant turbo. The thing was putting 520nm of torque down and was amazing for about 1.5K revs per gear, but just didn't bring the same joy of winding open a big petrol engine.
  8. Thanks all for the responses. I have had the payout from my insurance theft claim now, so will be looking to secure a car tomorrow evening! Appreciate the advice, and I look forward to being a part of this forum more :).
  9. Thanks for your reply. Maybe it has just been from my experience. Most of the cars I see modded are newer than the ones I am looking at, so maybe that's why they appear to carry a premium. I also think your comments about the mods is half true in my case. I wouldn't be doing them expecting night and day differences, but I would like the fact that I did them, but yes massively expensive for little return. I think I will re-visit the modified car listings and give them more attention. The below from a forum member here does interest me:
  10. Thanks for that link. I have read that and another which is why I think what I said above, but still unsure lol :(. I am planning to modify the car quite a bit. I have seen a few already done with the mods I want (plenum, intake, decats, Y-pipes, coil overs etc.) but in all honesty, I don't think its any funny buying one already done. I want to start stock and have the fun of doing it over time, although sadly watching my bank balance get rinsed mod after painfully expensive mod lol. I would buy pre-modded if the price was right, but too many people list them as if they are worth more with the mods (i.e. £5K car with £2k mods asking for £7k... it really doesn't work like that). I think because they have invested time and effort into the car and it therefore holds a higher value to them.
  11. Hi all, I have been eyeing up the used car markets for a number of weeks now, gearing up to buy my first Z. I have set a budget of £6K, with the limit of 80K miles and FSH, body condition is not my main concern, as this car will be a bit of a project and not a show pony. My main desire is brembo brakes and LSD. From what I understand, all 350z's with Brembo brakes have a LSD, is this correct? I have shortlisted down to the below cars, and wondered if anyone recognises, them or just has any general input that may be of help when viewing this weekend? This is my favorite at the moment, I have never seen a red one on the road before, and they are few and far between in my search parameters: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201711040948422?logcode=visc&fromSA=true This is my second contender, seemingly good condition, with some nice mods but nothing too brash: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201710260677055?logcode=visc&fromSA=true
  12. I agree Spatt. My 135i would return 35mpg on a motorway run, and 30mpg in the week days (all a road driving). Servicing and mainteneance was not much more than any other mid range sports car. Whereas my e46 M3 needed new front discs and pads, coming in at around £600 in parts alone!!!
  13. Thanks, that's good to know! If I get one I want to slap decat pipes and a y pipe on ASAP!
  14. Yeah it is a right pain. That was my goal car, something I had pined after for years and in just 4 months it was taken! The sh*ty thing is, the current market value is approx 12K to get a like for like replacement, but the book value is around 10K for mine in mint condition, which it was. I have been doing hella research and even contacted the financial ombudsman service (who regulate the insurers over payouts) and they say that current adverts are not viable evidence of market value, and unless the car is rare or classic, the book value pretty much is the be all and end all :(. So I won't even be able to replace it with the payout, assuming I get top book value after fighting them on it. Also, what do you mean about paying for good insurance? I thought with car insurance it was all pretty much the same?
  15. That being said, not sure why they chose the Z. They are big fans of forced induction, so they are going to have to throw so much money at the Z to make it as fast as their other cars...





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