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370 steering lock issue - recall - action

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This just happened to me yesterday I have a 2010 black edition which I'm being told wasn't listed as a recall my fight begins 

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You will find the answers on this thread at posts 37, 127 and 157, as regards those 370 models which were included in the recall and that was for those made up to the end of 2010. See: http://ww2.justanswer.co.uk/uploads/MU/05muranosl/2014-01-30_155727_steeringlock.pdf


2013+ 370 models do not have the steering lock fitted, so the 'issue'  should not apply....unless someone knows otherwise.  But it appears some 370's between 2011 and 2013 have also been affected but not covered by the original recall.....Whether a goodwill payments are still being paid, I suspect might be doubtful.


For the pre-2013 models the advice to avoid being stuck is remove the appropriate fuse - but make sure you follow the correct procedure. (There is guide somewhere on here)**. I'm sure I recall at least one owner saying their replacement lock had failed!  So doing the fuse trick is the safest way to avoid a very nasty bill and given Nissan decided in 2013 the locks were not necessary and has not affected the Thatcham security (for insurance purposes).


EDIT:  Guides here:




A picture of the fuse that matters (the fuse box is next to the battery):




You have to pull the fuse after you get the SLU to let the car go to ON or ACC. If the SLU is not making the microswitches properly, it does no good to pull the fuse.


If, like the OP, your lock try wiggle shaking and banging the crap out of it to jar it loose first. Blow a heat gun/hairdryer on it if its cold etc. You only need it to disengage one last time. Some have luck tapping it with a little hard object like a SMALL hammer or screwdriver. My understanding from reading various threads over the pond is that over-lube inside causes failure of some plastic bits and the little gear teeth fail then get hung up. Tapping might get it one last time, then once its unlocked you can pull the fuse and save a lot of money and a wasted day or two.


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