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370 steering lock issue - recall - action


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Forgot to mention - my new steering lock is now noisy.


Yep every time the lock operates it makes a noise (like zzzzzzzz - appropriate I suppose!). So when I start the car after it was locked or when I open the door to get out it makes a noise - another annoyance!


I need to know if this is normal for the new lock or just mine.


What are your new locks like folks?


Found this, perhaps the noise is normal for the new lock then, the noise I get is right near the end of this video:


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Hey guys,


Got word from Nissan today. They are giving me a full refund for all work carried out.


Yey!!! :D


Great result! Thought id let you guys know...


Quite right too! :thumbs:


So anyone else in the same situation, get claiming :)

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Mine is a June 2010 & just had mine done under the recall and prior to the end of the warranty. I asked the dealer that exact question so i could share their reply ... Their reply ... i don't know .... & no they could not find out, i suspect they want to keep their products high in the reliability tables.

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Just spoke to Nissan Customer Services on the 01923 899334 number and they told me that 925 vehicles are affected. He then went on to say the affected vehicles were from VIN no.0300691 and that had a build date from 24th March 2010 which seems odd as I thought '09 and '10 cars were affected.


Might be a good idea if another member can phone Nissan Customer Services to clarify the VIN numbers and build dates that the recall applies to.




There you go :thumbs:

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Has anyone had any dealings with Telford / Stafford / Shrewsbury Nissan? Good or bad for that matter?


The 370 I'm picking up tomorrow hasn't had this done, but it's got the letter regarding the recall so I can book it in, just need to choose where. Telford probably - as it's within walking distance from my work.



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Booked my car to WMLG Mill Hill to have it checked, for about 20 minutes they kept saying there is no recall for Nissan 370z at all, they are perfect machines, etc. I've asked them to check with Nissan GB, they've called even God to confirm there was no recall, until I gave them the recall number: OOOOOOOOOOOOOH, THAT ONE, YES, OF COURSE!!!


Useless... I would have quit my job in that very moment if I was the person at the other end of the line.



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Just had a phone call from Nissan Swansea - mine isn't in the recall, so won't be going in - as I thought, the manager just gave his first thoughts without checking


Must be the key then. ;) I had that light come on and then with a % of battery life showing - fixed by Kaiser during the last service, without me asking or being charged, although I had a spare batteries in the car and at home just in case.

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I think I may have just experienced the steering lock problem!


Few weeks back my key cone up as empty and few days after it wouldn't start - hit start and goes to On position but nothing. So replaced the batteries and had a jump box and started right away.


Tested my battery and all fine.


Today jumped in hit start and all lights flash and a loud ticking noise and nothing...


Chassis no. Ends 0300972.


Is this the symptoms of this or something else?

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So just to clarify my car isn't starting as it looks like the battery has gone. Unable to even lock it.


With a fully charged jump box it attempts to start and fails. Instead if a buzzing it attempts to turn over. However I'm happy it tried meaning it's not the steering lock, so just a battery for now.


The jump box at least let me have power to lock the car and close the bonnet mostly without the alarm going off.


However after looking into it my car does have the old lock (new ones are JFOOC-D) and mine ends JFOOC-B -




Will be getting a new battery in and then once I'm able to use the car book it in to have lock replaced.

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If the lock goes the car is completely dead, it won't tick over you get no lights it's completely and utterly dead to the world. Happened to mine.


Sorry to hear it went all with yours!


Hope it all got replaced quickly and FOC.


This also confirms mine isn't currently an issue, sorry that's what I have gained from your bad experiance!

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I'll keep this short because it wasn't lol

Lock failed

Fuel sender fails not registering full

Terrible customer service

Placed post on Nissan UK Facebook page about how unhappy I was they took it from there got it sorted keep me informed all the way offerd me afree service I said I would prefer a extended warenty and got twelve months

Sad to say my fuel sender has just faild here we go again 😕

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Sorry to resurrect this thread but....

My car comes within the vin shown on the various threads.

I have asked my Nissan dealer to check if the recall on the steering lock was done on my car.

He checked but gave the expected reply that there is no recall against the 370Z steering lock.

I then gave him the recall number P3208 and asked him to call Nissan.

He came back and reconfirmed that Nissan do not have a recall on the 370Z lock.

I then called Nissan UK and went through the whole process with the same result. There comment when I asked them to check recall P3208 was that it related to the GTR model only and definitely not the 370Z.


I now know my car has not had the lock changed, but I am bemused as to why Nissan refuse to recognise the recall and what action now to take!

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