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  1. Yes V3, same. Don't know the actual difference in power from pulley size, will also depend so much on rest of the set up. i found the exhaust made a big difference. you definately need a free flowing one.
  2. Hi, I put SC on mine last year
  3. What a bunch of monkeys...AVOID Adrain Flux!!!! I insured my motorbike with AF a few years ago now, and I should have learnt never to contact them again, the cost of the bike insurance was £115, and I cancelled after 2 weeks (cannot remember why now) and they refunded me £25, keeping £90 costs and admin lol, i won when I took them to the insurance abritrator, and at least got some more back, but that was last time...... I thought I would give them another chance as things change over the years, so contacted them today far a quote on my 370. After talking to the nice lady (assume
  4. I am looking for a 370z NISMO exhaust Back box only.
  5. Great! My Z is Supercharged so the exhaust is indeed free flowing 2.5" from engine to tail. Adding the supercharger has made the exhaust note MUCH louder than standard and the standard bore exhaust was just killing the performance so I had one made for it, the Growl after 3000rpm though is still just to loud for my liking. Sounds like adding a Nismo box will sort it out. I have read in other threads that they fit exactly the same as standard ones.
  6. Whats the difference between a standard rear box and the Nismo one? I have got a custom system but the sound is a bit loud for my liking, the fitter said I could put a Nismo rear box on to quieten it, but didn't recommend the standard one to go back on, although he didn't say why exactly, I assume somehting to do with the flow restriction.
  7. I have a Supercharged 370z reciently finished. But the exhaust sounds like aweful. Is noce an deep on tick over / low revs (below 2000) but get VERY raspy and loud with any accelleration, sounds like a 18 year old fiesta with a big pipe lol> Any recommecdations on a system, that will give a rich deep noise and not get all harsh on me?
  8. Well I;m 90% through the fitting, there are just areas not in the instructions I would like some advice to check before i do it (possibly wrong) Telling me not to take on big jobs if your not sure what your doing is just being big headed and not needed saying imo, no one can know everything about everything, and only doing jobs you know how to do will make you learn nothing. A project is a project and the learning process is a big part of it for me. Appreciate tagging nissanman though, many thanks. hopefully when he sees this he will be able to spare a few mins for me.
  9. I am in the middle of fitting an air to air stillen supercharger kit to my 370z, there are no instructions for the air to air upgrade, so I have got as far as the instructions for the water kit go, I can finish off the intercooler fitting etc, but there are some other pipes that are not shown and I do not know where they go. Trying to get advice from pro fitters is obviously not working as they don't want to give out advice. Is there anyone out there that's got experience of fitting one of these can can just give me 10 minutes to tell me where things go, I'm at my wits
  10. Quick question, Do the side door external mirrors come apart for painting/Wrapping? Best to ask before I start sliding my stanley in there! lol
  11. I Just had my steering lock go on me! I went out on Friday night to get fish and chips and when I got back in the car..... nothing...dead car in Lock mode. Called for recovery to take the car home...At least I had something to eat while I waited lol Over the weekend I read this forum and tried hitting it etc but nope the car is not starting. I sent email to Nissan quoting the recall number etc seeing where my luck was, but my luck was as dead as the car with basically a you must be joking from nissan support, we have no recalls on your car rest assured you can drive it with peace
  12. nope all keys are out. It currently has the steering lock issue so won't start. But now when all the doors and closed it does this beeping thing. If I leave a door open it stops... So currently it is sat outside with the bootlid unlatched and unlocked to shut it up!
  13. My car 370z, beeps twice every 5 seconds ish. When locked......why? Looked all over google and here can't find anything on audio or beep warnings.
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