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Time to say bye bye and thank you

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Well its my turn to say good bye to my fellow zed owners. As some of you may know I've been thinking about buying a different car, after much thought and test driving i've decided to move on to a E92 M3, i took a 10k deposit on my zed today and the new owner is essentially waiting for me to clean the car and away she goes.. i would just like to say thank you to the forum and everyone involved. it really is a fantastic forum and you guys should be proud. thank you for all the good times and laughs..the zed has been faultless and hopefully it will stay that way for the new owner. i will point him in the direction of this forum but im not 100% sure if he will join up. no doubt i will pop back in every once in a while but ive been a lurker more than anything else nowadays.


hopefully see some of you guys over on m3 forums at some point


thanks again everyone



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So that's both of the twins sold. :surrender:


A big chunk of my ownership was spent at ESR with you and your near identical Zed as we discussed our big plans for the cars and Phil rubbed his hands in anticipation of the cash he was gonna get from us.


I've been hunting for the pics of our cars and Phils GTR but I can#t find them at the moment.

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thanks for all the kind words guys and girls :) just packed up all my bits and bobs for the new owner and ill be honest its almost brought some moisture to the eyes :(

Dropping the car off for the new owner tommorow,i think ill be placing a deposit on a jerez black m3 aswell :)

Im sure ill stick around, this forum is fantastic and as far as i can see the m3cutters.co.uk isnt half a lively. just a quick thought, sarnie have you still got an m3 and i dunno if you rememeber from a while ago a youngish lad with the widebody zed (jamie, mark?) wonder will i see either of them on the forums


newhoo its 2:15 in the morning, must shower and head off to kip :)



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