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  1. The Y will make it louder by how much im not sure
  2. The decats just give abit more note to the stock exhaust, decats and y pipe on stock exhaust on my car made a lovely sound.
  3. No longer have my 350z so took out all the new things i put on it....all of which have been on the car no longer than 3 weeks . Have the original reciepts for all parts if verification is required. Pair of silenced decats (H-dev) WITH o2 sims Price - SOLD Y pipe Price - Sold Exedy clutch Price - sold LUK dual mass flywheel Price - sold Genuin items havent been on the car for long . Was going to keep them for another 350z but plondering around in a civic at the mo and so just sitting here. Thanks Dan 'Slight edit by ChrisS'
  4. Second what R35Lee said brother has one and definately a nice move of cars though he cant seem to set off with a bit of gas with out making the passenger's head jolt back and forth!
  5. Im still yet to see another 350z in Peterborough!
  6. Keep seeing a white 350z at the Tesco car park in Ramsey anyone on here?
  7. Thanks for all the welcome messages Forgot to mention im in the Peterborough, Cambridgeshire area
  8. Will get some pics up soon as, being black absolute nightmare keeping it clean so thats a job this weekend! Thx for the advice neil
  9. Well its been a week since i picked up my 350z so thought id say ola! Drove 4hours to part exchange my beast of an astra convertible (1.8ltr )to get a black 05 350z GT. Must admit its nice to be back in a car that goes! Was going to go back to the single Supra scene but after spending a fortune on it decided might be better to get a 350z and definately no complaints so far (thou im already wanting an extra 100bhp)! No real plans for it except HFC, Y pipe, uprev air box, plenum spacer and a remap. Will probably leave it stock bar the wheels im sure. Anywho thats me and my intro. Will try to be of help if i can only have limited knowledge on the technical side of things though if anyone wants any personal, self employed or company tax advice i can help there
  10. Its black im just gonna bite bullet and get a proper hpi check i think
  11. Im used to the search bar. Thanks for the reply but that result hasn't really answered my query.
  12. No not a GT4 or atleast no mention of a GT4.
  13. I was wondering if there is anyone who could help me out here...... Im looking to buy a 350z and ive seen one however there seems to be something odd about it. Its being sold as a 2005 350z GT 300 now after doing a little research on the number plate it states the model as a 276. Is there a possibility that this could be a mistake i.e they only showed 2006 models as 300 and didnt bother with the 05 models and just kept them as 276 on the database? Or is there a way of telling 100% either by rev limit or other means? To confirm i havent done a legit Hpi check ive just used sites such as freecarcheck or free valuation checks. However i assume a proper hpi check would probably dish out the same basic details. Any help in the matter would be great. I will if required do a HPi check. Thanks
  14. LOL jeez give us time to get the pics first!! Mechanic will be taking progress shots and a guy who used to work at WGT is mapping it, he did my supra tt single turbo and did a fantastic job
  15. It went into the garage today, going to get it trailered to get it mapped safest option like you guys say. uk spec 2006





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