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  1. hiya guys and girls since owning my car on the 5th of november ive been itching to get out and clean it. I am a detailing enthusiast, not a pro by any means but i like to think im handy at it the weather has picked up recently so i thought id start my project of getting my car back to factory coniditions in time ready for summer. unfortunately time isn't ever on my side as i only have one day off per week and convincing my girlfriend that washing my car is more important than spending time with her is hard hahahah newhoo here goes, a few week back i was able to give her a good cleaning session, turn of the new year i think after my car sat still for a month nearly. here's how she looked and another and another unfortunately somebody egged my car and it had dried by the time i got back to it..nvm car was soaked with bilt hamber surfex hd, wheels attacked with bilberry 5:1 solution, arches spray with TFR and left to dwell for 5-10 mins jet hosed and left to stand for another 5 mins, then the snow foam was brought out: jet hosed down, car was then washed with 2BM (standard) with DD SN shampoo and wookies fist. next up clay bar, decided to go for DD SN purposeful purple as i gathered the car has never seen a clay in its life... which it hadn't bonnet was surprisingly clean front driver side wing+ door = sideskirts were horrendous, worst ive ever clayed infact and ive clayed 50+ cars... car was then rewased with 2bm and hosed to to remove all QD grease used for lube. car was then polished with DD lime prime, left too haze a little for about 10 minutes after applicationand buffed off... due to the weather being a bit crappy still i decided too use race glaze 55. should hold off most of the grit i thought till my next huge cleaning session.. total time taken= 5 hours car left to look like this: and bad light and i phone cam isnt the best i know.. sorry fast forward too today.. the car has been cleaned regularly through the bad weather or atleast hosed whenever grit has been laid. today the weather was looking great so i planned a good clean for the car.. as always the bodywork was sprayed with bilt hamber surfex hd 2;1 solution this time as i wanted to remove the race glaze. TFR sprayed in the arches and a 3:1 bilberry sprayed on the wheels, everything left to dwell for 5-10 minutes and hosed down. snow foamed, and then washed with 2 bm and DD SN shampoo.. car was then rinsed and clayed again with bilt hamber auto clay, water was used for lube and disappointingly the car had some new clingons...only took 30 minutes to clay as it was only the arches that were affected. car was then dried and ready for another hand polish with DD lime prime.. buffed off after a ten minute haze and today i decided to use swissvax BOS.. the best in my eyes below 1K.. car was waxed and left for an hour to haze up tried the pro application bonnet swirls but i needs more practise: ho fail!!!! whilst the wax was curing, i dyson'd the interior, sprayed dettol anti bacterial on all the panels (something i do every 3 months) and then re covered every surface with poorboys natural look (smells amazing) seats wear cleaned and conditioned with gliptone front and back.. windows cleaned with AG window polish and then cleaned with DD clearly menthol exhaust was then attacked with Britamax twins swissvax then buffed off leaving it looking pure amazing!!! and bonnet reflection!! clean M perf exhaust and rear bumper reflection and finally an interior shot.. next up im going to get out the orbital and give it a good seeing too.unfortunately the last owner was happy to put it through a machine wash all its life so it has plenty of swirls :(also engine bay is crying out for some 303 and some wax under the bonnet... i apologise for the lack lust of photos this time round.. i only had 4/5 hours and i genuinely forgot. thanks for looking -ho
  2. I'd have the m5 any day over the gtr..
  3. Fair fair enough buddy. I know it won't be everyone's cupa but it suits me down to the ground. I love it's whole Jekyll and Hyde personality. I'll be acquiring a s2k soon enough so I will be covered for something more raw as well I do have to agree on the gear box though. Moving from the zed which has a heavy shift to the light shift on the m3 is ermm strange. The throw is less direct somehow. -ho
  4. hahhaha its a nice thing to have it agree it is a bit souless when driving normally but as soon as the m button is hit it completely changes captain: i paid £24,500 but one of my staff works at the dealer i bought the car from so i got 2k discount and tyre+ gap insurance for free forgot to mention insuring it is surprisingly cheap aswell.. my annual premium for my micra and the M3 comes in at £1130, i think the bimmer was £840 pounds so it was a nice surprise:D
  5. havent had much time to take many pics at home and about so this is all i got.. haha sorry guys
  6. harrow guys and girls As some of you may know i've recently sold the zed for an E92 m3. Just thought id write a little review of it. so my car as follows: 2008 M3v8 6MT 22500 miles on the clock Tv function Heated seats Black novillo leather Alpine audio Bmw online portal Anthracite roof lining High gloss shadowline USB plus all the standard stuff like p.d.c and xenons etc handling: It handles much much better than the zed out of the box, the oem is set up just right for the british roads in my eyes. Its sprung fairly hard and the damping somehow manages to be comfortable and firm at the same time, something which i found i had a problem in the zed. The zed when pushed hard begins to feel mushy and floaty where as the m3 just gets more taught the harder you push. i opted out of buying a car with E.D.C as i found the settings not quite to my liking, normal was just a bit soft and sport mode was granite hard. the non edc is setup between normal and sport so i found it to be the best of both worlds. the steering is razor sharp, i found myself turning the wheel to much in the first few days and the the feedback through the thick wheel is on a whole new level to the zed. speed: Well i think it goes without saying the M3 is quick. ive read many motoring articles saying the m3 doesn't have enough torque and quite frankly i think they are talking ****. yes it may only have 295 ft lbs but the gears in essence are short but because the car revs to 8500 rpm it doesn't ever feel bogged down, the 60-85 mph in 6th gear would worry manya cars with higher torque figures. its not as quick as my brothers m5 but its not far off it. its really is a rapid car The m3 really is an incredible car, i have space in my car for 4 adults, its brilliant as a GT car when your not in the mood, very little wind noise at 70 mpg, some tyre noise does come through the cabin but i personally like that (still much less road noise than the zed). when you are in the mood and press the M button the car becomes an animal, steering i personally have it on a heavy setting and the throttle is super sport which is the most sensitive and it just feels like im driving a touring car. Inside the cabin is a very nice place to be aswell. i dont find the i drive difficult to use at all, the fit and finish is brilliant and the plastics are very soft touch.It has some brilliant little touches like an illuminated gear knob and the rev limiter moves itself pending on how warm your engine is. the heated seats are particularly nice in the current weather and the car heats up very quickly in anyways. My only slight dissapointement is the exhaust, that is going to be rectified very soon. the mpg hovers around 20 but the tank is puny (iirc 60/65 litres) so im at the pumps a bit more but never mind.. the joys of a V8 motoring.. so overall im very very happy with the car. i have some mods due in the next few weeks and ill keep everyone posted thanks for reading -ho
  7. Very nice. I've always liked z4s. Especially in coupe guide but nevertheless an awesome car. I'm currently looking at getting that style of bootlid/spoiler for my m3. Looking very clean aswell bud. -Ho
  8. Absolutely stunning bud.... Hopefully get mine this Thursday -Ho
  9. zed has officially gone happy and sad at the same time which is a tad weird. i have placed a deposit on a m3, 08 m3 jerez black with 22500 miles on, full service etc etc probably explains the happy and sad feeling. -ho
  10. thanks for all the kind words guys and girls just packed up all my bits and bobs for the new owner and ill be honest its almost brought some moisture to the eyes Dropping the car off for the new owner tommorow,i think ill be placing a deposit on a jerez black m3 aswell Im sure ill stick around, this forum is fantastic and as far as i can see the m3cutters.co.uk isnt half a lively. just a quick thought, sarnie have you still got an m3 and i dunno if you rememeber from a while ago a youngish lad with the widebody zed (jamie, mark?) wonder will i see either of them on the forums newhoo its 2:15 in the morning, must shower and head off to kip -ho
  11. Well its my turn to say good bye to my fellow zed owners. As some of you may know I've been thinking about buying a different car, after much thought and test driving i've decided to move on to a E92 M3, i took a 10k deposit on my zed today and the new owner is essentially waiting for me to clean the car and away she goes.. i would just like to say thank you to the forum and everyone involved. it really is a fantastic forum and you guys should be proud. thank you for all the good times and laughs..the zed has been faultless and hopefully it will stay that way for the new owner. i will point him in the direction of this forum but im not 100% sure if he will join up. no doubt i will pop back in every once in a while but ive been a lurker more than anything else nowadays. hopefully see some of you guys over on m3 forums at some point thanks again everyone -ho
  12. Received my mats yesterday thanks again for organising this group buy Adrian. Would thoroughly recommended adrian in future gbs. Communication all the way through was spot on and the packaging was excellent which is always a bonus. Thanks again -Ho
  13. I shall go to Barclays bank on Monday. I'll pm octet my address on Monday as well. Thanks again for organising this even though I won't be using the mats I'm sure the new owner will love them -ho
  14. Im a little bit gutted in essence, sorry Al i dont mean this to offend you in anyway but i cant bringmyself to spend 20k on a crash damaged car bud, i saw how much damage there was and it just wouldnt sit easy on my conscience as such. sorry well im back to square one, on a plus note i have agreed a sale on my car with a family member just they dont want it till march so you guys are stuck with me till then, just a bit more head banging on deciding what to do... -ho ps: i appreciate all the input so far
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