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  1. Hmm, anyone know if the non- Bose aerial is amplified? Might try one of those splitters if not, some people have had success with those. Anyway here's a pic. Also turns out I got the pre facelift double din adapter, so that needs sorted too
  2. Yeah its not A1 round here, but i've got 2 DAB radios in the house, The Transit has a factory one, and the aftermarket Kenwood unit with a sticky foil antenna that was in my old Multipla runabout are all much better. Hence why i think there's maybe something wrong, it's really ropey. In fact the one in the Multipla was unreal how easily it got a signal.
  3. Hello All, finally got round to putting a new HU in after 12 years lol. The install has gone fine, I've got a non-Bose car, so with the right adapter harness it was pretty straightforward. The only issue being poor DAB reception ATM. I went for a Sony XAV-AX3005DB, it included a generic DAB antenna, but this one just sticks on your windscreen, rather than needing an earth on the A pillar: Here Antenna power is "on" in the menu, and the antennas plugged in. I read in one of the guides there is a power wire for antennas, but that seemed to be for FM rather than DAB? Ideas welcome!
  4. Propper old farts meetup thread this Rolled over ten years this summer, bought new in 2008. Not selling as chance of buying a thirty grand car again are pretty small!
  5. Tea and cake's on any time you want Colin Don't think they'd want mine, its a non-gt aka the lightweight edition without the heavy stereo and powered seats I have to say actually that the cloth seats have worn really well, could nearly pass for new.
  6. Nice one Colin, much more your style than an uncouth hatchback! Didn't fancy one with the correct number of cylinders?
  7. Think I did 4 Wales events, one wasn't in the Zed though as we were on a cycling trip. Yeah, Rosso Red. Best colour blah blah... Ah well, the depreciation has been pretty level for a while now. Last time I looked I'd need about 10K+ to buy a replacement with same age and mileage. How many 10 year old cars are still maybe worth 30% of their new value? Also every possible replacement has increasingly gone for turbo power, I rather like the NA lump. If I sold it, i'd have to take on something with considerably higher running costs, e.g. 911, V8 M3 etc, or, more likely, something simpler or stripped back like an Elise or a Caterham. Hell, I think id rather have the revitalized new MX5 over an entry level 4 pot blown Boxter. And a smaller aerial too if you want to be in the gang I am not in the gang.
  8. Bonjour! Well now, here we are 10 years down the line together. I bought zeddy new a whole decade ago, and although only 33000 miles have passed under the wheels, heavily stacked in the first 6 years, we've seen a lot of things and seen a lot of changes too. Early on, lots of club drives, a few life long friends made, and many pounds of super unleaded burnt. Later on, a month long honeymoon tour of Europe, early morning raids up to Hartside, and a couple of trackdays are the main interruptions to the general background of life getting in the way and a much reduced mileage. Still, a decades sterling service deserves rewarding, so we took a trip down south to Horsham Developments for a big service, Uprev, and a 4 wheel alignment. Service was completely painless as expected from Jez, the Uprev found another 10 horses, and the alignment sorted a niggly setup I've had for a few years when my lower arm bushes were replaced. Driving away afterwards didn't feel like a new car of course, just that it felt renewed, and just a bit more sorted than before. Visiting friends and family along the way it was 700 miles well spent, and a little scenic detour via Teesdale and Hartside on the way home was a fitting celebratory end to the trip. Heres to the next 10 years! Andy.
  9. Cheers guys, nothing to worry about then.
  10. We have a small car (Panda) that we have on PCP as the monthly payments were cheap and also 0% interest for the 3 years. Now we were always going to keep the car after the contract ended and the final payment is perfectly modest for us. At the minute though it seems the car will be well over the contract mileage (+50%) so presumably the final payment will be larger to make up the loss in final value? Do the normal excess mileage charges only apply if you're handing the car back? We're only halfway through the contract so plently of time to sort things out yet.
  11. Damn it, such a sad day today. As a local I often popped down to see him in Cark and was gutted to learn of his passing today. Like many owners, many of my fondest memories from the club involve Mart to some extent, numerous Wales meets, Jockland hoons, Lakez, local meets, just-calling-round meets, and many others. A pillar of our little petrolhead community. Goodbye Martin, may you always Rev In Peace.
  12. Best thing about the Apple watch is that it gives you a nice obvious indicator of who you want to avoid in the pub.
  13. Certainly seems that way looking at my renewal prices! Didn't have much time to ring round this year, so just did the bare minimum comparason site lookup and then phoned my current insurer (Admiral) back to argue their auto-quote as per usual. They under cut their own compare-the-meerkat prices too, "loyalty discount" apparently? Under £260! (first time its gone under £300 for me) 34 years old, 350Z with all the nismo bits. Can't argue with that really.
  14. AK350Z

    BMW M6 V10

    Couple of years ago I was driving Jermain Defo to a venue at the Albert Hall. I has a new S class and I found the seats in that quite hard as was the ride. Now this could have been down to me not setting the active suspension. But it had supposedly Air suspension so not impressed. Possible the only way I would keep the zed is fitting air ride. Never driven an E63 but have a 760 which was lovely. I reckon one more year and my Zed will be floating around the Tradelink web site
  15. Only had one "P3", but the dealer knew I was an enthusiast (and knew the craic), so we agreed it would be done for the P2 price.
  16. Yah, thats the retention fee, not sure theres any other costs other than paying for plates? You cant make a car appear newer by putting a recent plate on it, thats expressly stated in the guidance notes.
  17. Pretty hard! You either need to solder a line in to the cassette deck (see guides) or get a better HU.
  18. Good job, looks like you need to sit a bit closer to the wheel on a couple of shots though!
  19. The answer! Called the DVLA, navigated the menu and got amazingly got straight through to a nice welsh lady. Its game on! you can retain any plate, doesn't have to be private or anything, they will just issue another age related one. Happy days. Dan, commence memory bank update





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