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  1. I had my first experience of Parks of Ayr, a local Nissan dealership this week. The representative of the parts department didn't know what a 370Z was and stated that he had never seen one! He eventually quoted £200+ for two hatch "poppers" and a pair of wiper blades!! I won't be going back. Don.
  2. Pangrango

    Rally 370Z

    There is now a class in international rallying for rear wheel drive GT cars. Francois Delacour won the class on the 2015 WRC Monte Carlo driving a Tuthill Porsche. I guess that it is only "older" members like me remember similar things being said about the 240Z and it didn't do too badly!
  3. Pangrango

    Early Fairladys

    Check out some of the other videos on "www.petrolicious.com" as well.
  4. Pangrango

    Rally 370Z

    Sorry if this has been posted before.
  5. The engine configuration and cubic capacity are the only similarities to the Zed!
  6. Avoid the electronic handbrake if you can. They are prone to self-release for no apparent reason (it was also a major issue on my A4 Black edition).
  7. I have been running an IS300h for a year and 15000 miles and it is categorically the best "everyday" car I have owned, for my needs. Recent, previous everyday cars include Mercedes, VW, and Audi. Average mpg is 50.2 on petrol which equates to around 55mpg on diesel with the price difference. I agree that the handling is really sharp (Alex Wurz was involved), the build quality is superb (the Audi had more rattles than my Morgan in spite of Ingolstadt's PR smoke and mirrors). Unfortunately, the silence in which the IS covers the ground rather shows up the Achilles heel of the Z !
  8. Just got hold of a low mileage 370Z GT as a shopping car for SWMBO to replace an unreliable (!) 2013 MX5. I should point out that we are probably not your typical Z owner in that we are both closer to 70 than 60 but our initial impressions are good with the usual caveats - road noise, notchy 2nd gear engagement, road rash on the bonnet, lack of adjustable steering wheel reach. The Z shares garage/parking space with an IS300h, an '83 Porsche 924 (used for historic m'sport) and a new Morgan Roadster 3.7L.





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