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  1. Mine is due Friday, going up to a plus size
  2. Shipping times are going up at a very fast pace Got my order confirmation at 8:04 for jet black shipping time 1 to 2 weeks, delivery est 26 sept to 3rd October
  3. or this iPhone Lightning Dock – Black http://store.apple.com/xc/product/MNN62ZM/A
  4. First wife proposed to me, didn't like the in laws anyway so wasn't bothered about their blessing tbh Current Mrs, father in law seemed to me like he was a very old fashioned man so it seemed the right thing to do, just took him to one side in the pub and quietly asked for his blessing, obviously got it Don't really think it's necessary but some people like to ask, go with the flow, if it feels right go for it
  5. Is anyone preordering tomorrow at 8:01 I can't wait, I think I'm going for a jet black 128gb plus Only justification needed I really really want it, I do agree it's quite possibly over priced and I probably won't use it to its fullest extent but I really want it so I'm in
  6. I've been on iOS 10 and watchOS since the first developer betas, you'll love it! http://www.apple.com/uk/ios/ios10-preview/ I wanted to download the betas but not sure how and was a little worried about bugs, good that you've enjoyed them though, now I'm getting even more impatient/excited
  7. I'm definitely looking forward to the new iPhone unveiling, I may be in the minority on here but I can't wait to get caught up in the whole pre order countdown, I'm still happy with my apple watches though so even if there's a watch 2 I'm in no rush for that. Looking forward to ios10 and the new watch os
  8. atleast he's fitted a stubby ariel
  9. I used tiger seal & a couple of concealed self tapping screws when I fitted my front lip Number plate tape and self tapping screws on my side diffusers Not sure about your spoiler but the one I had used the same bolt holes as the oem spoiler and I also used number plate tape Charge speed rear - no idea, never fitted one but I'm sure someone will be along soon
  10. I've always got decent quotes from go compare, compare the market etc, usually weigh up the pros and cons excess etc and go for the best one, guess I've been fortunate, but then again I am quite old
  11. was it any where near the unintentional drift round an island thread I've been reading today (police encounter)
  12. As titled spotted in city centre around mid day, anyone on here ? I would have flashed but you probably would of thought I was mad as I was not in a zed





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