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  1. Such terrible terrible news. Saw it on Facebook this morning and only managed to get on the forum now. For all the old timers that know me, you know I'm not an emotional person (Amanda fequently questions if I have any) and I well up every time I read something about this such sad news on Facebook or the forum. Amanda was shocked to hear the news too. I think I'm not stretching any truth in any way saying he was a legend in his own lifetime. RIP bud
  2. All works fine on Chrome, just downloading FF to take a look. Maybe we should mandate the use of Chrome EDIT: OK maybe I wont bother - looks like pilot error IE is a right pain in the butt, usually you can enable "Compatibility Mode" it sorts out most gremlins from what I remember. If not - get Chrome!
  3. Being talked about by the team, will get it sorted depending on the majority vote
  4. Did he click the confirmation link in the registration email? Forum is saying he hasn't made any posts and is Validating which usually means they haven't done the confirmation email. I've manually set as validated so should be able to post now
  5. I think its this then. I have auto subscribe which only sends on email per round of updates until I read the thread. If I manually subscribe it defaults to "Immediate" and that sends an email for every reply. So try unsubscribing and resubscribing with "Offline" as the option
  6. Right doing some testing, someone reply to this a few times please I think what you need to do is "Unfollow" the topic at the top, then refollow it but set the notification when you do to "Offline" rather than "Immediate". I have a feeling you have a manual immediate subscription that thread alone.
  7. Weird, I'll try and do some testing later, see if I can get it to do the same
  8. Read the docs carefully, is it 3MB or is it "Upto 3MB"? I'd bet my house its the latter. In which case you are stuffed. Why on earth did you sign up for £45/mo for Upto 3MB though? Thats woeful. I pay £11.50/mo for Infinity via PlusNet, which is a hell of a deal, but their standard offerings arent that much. Probably about a tenna a month for Upto 3Mb.
  9. Do you have auto subscribe enabled under the User Control Panel ( http://www.350z-uk.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=notifications )? Can you tell me what its set to? I have mine on "Offline" and it only sends me updates once per thread until I read it.
  10. Good cover story - the missus is watching after all
  11. Did you not dare ask Mr Buster this?
  12. Mine would hold it either way round





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