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Got this today

Don’t faint, took the Zed out on Sunday !         

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3 hours ago, ShortPaul said:

I didn't think the roof would work in that colour, but i like👌

Thanks Paul, I've had nothing but positive comments - but then maybe some were just being polite! 


I'd say it's a 90% match with the standard red on the lower trims of the car, but that's far enough away not to notice really. However, because the standard red stripe decals on the door mirrors were a bit closer, they were removed and the same material used from the off cuts of the roof.  

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On 14/08/2021 at 18:20, Loadmaster said:

This morning at Centre Parcs, Longleat.



Saw this at Ace and it looks spot on imho..

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The 350z lines look so good it's almost got that wide arch look from factory.

That vertical crease in the front bumper near the reflector continuing up the headlight to the front wing🥰

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First show done in the Nismo in over a year of ownership taken at the GermanVsJapanese meet last weekend by bluepigphoto




And then of the engine bay clean up I had in a little detailing session 



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18 hours ago, davey_83 said:

^ this


Lovely picture!! Nighttime parking at the end of the t junction..... #shiver 

Damn........now come to the think of it...... YOU'RE RIGHT:scare:


Will remember for next time:doh:

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