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  1. Well it all started when I removed the clutch pedal spring , the spring shot off as it really needs to be compressed before removal and it hit the switch on the pedal and damaged it and it set off all the problems, the switch looked ok until I removed it and saw a hole in the side 😯
  2. Yes you always fear for the worst soooo happy now
  3. It was the switch on the left side of the clutch pedal got damaged and was not working properly, and that caused all the problems in my fist post , changed the switch and it’s all working as it should, happy days , not bad for such a spiteful person lol
  4. Got it sorted but since no one seems interested I won’t bother saying what the problem was 🤨😊
  5. This just started happening Saturday, when I first start the car it works fine then after about 5 minutes it goes off and a warning comes up , also now I can start the car without depressing the clutch pedal I’m thinking that is connected and to top it off the yellow key symbol stays on it used to go off once the car is started , it’s all very weird,I want to find out what it could be before I take it back to the dealership,
  6. Iv seen one of these on eBay for £142 plus postage £40ish from the US does anyone sell them cheaper anywhere?
  7. So here she is , picked up on Friday,still smiling
  8. Yes can’t wait , yes it’s white got a few mods so quite happy
  9. Little up date put a deposit on a 2013 nismo , will post pics when it’s in the bag
  10. Hi guys I’m currently looking to buy a 370z ( has to be white ) found one at a garage and just wondered if anyone on here knows this car , any information would be appreciated thank you
  11. Skamouth 2019 me and my daughter in my 1965 herald ,Birmingham 2 Great Yarmouth and didn’t need the AA
  12. That would be great, I would much rather talk to an owner, than a salesman , let me know when you’re next in cove and maybe we could arrange something, cheers
  13. Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes been a member for a few years now but sold my 350z roadster about 6 years ago since then I’ve had a s2000 and currently have a Mk2 3.2 TT, and next April I will be getting a facelift nismo but I’ve not seen one close up , I live in Sutton Coldfield/ Birmingham so if any one has a nismo who lives near me would like to show me round There car that would be great
  14. Lovely car ,I had one just like yours back in the day had a 2.0 pinto wish I still had it
  15. No they are Sebring arches they were factory spec for the MGs entered in the Sebring races in the late 60s
  16. Love the TR btw , I had a TR7 once, crap cars but I loved it
  17. its nothing bad just wanted to help someone that is all, ill just leave it at that ,
  18. GOD have'nt you guys got anything better to do ! a simple request here iv been going on this forum for a few years and its always been very helpful and a cool place to be , not been on here for a while since i sold my zed so what the hell has happend ! yeh i can take a joke but none of this is funny ! i didnt feel the need to explain anything here as it is between me and the new owner (who i have never met) i am doing this guy a big favour as zed guys do help each other even ex zed guys so if your not said person then no need to reply to this ,( do you really gie a fcku about my speleleling)
  19. its not brain science really guys if you have just brought a white roadster reg m9 cax contact me "simples"
  20. this was my old white roadster brought by someone in yardly birmingham please contact me ! this is VERY urgent , PM me. *Mod edit* Phone number deleted, not a good idea on a public forum.
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