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Memory Lane: Post up your old car pics here


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My very first car,


Ford Escort Mk3



Cavalier Sri



Fiesta Supersport



Golf GTi 16v



Renault Megane 2.0 16v Coupe



Lotus Elise S1



Subaru Impreza WRX



Honda Civic Type R EP3



Current car, Honda Integra Type R DC5


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I'll just post up the Jap ones :)


Started out with a Celica SS-I. Woefully underpowered... my first full retrim... looked nice in the end :)












Sold that and got an MR2 GT T-bar. Didn't have it for long as it was, again, not as rapid as I'd have liked!






Once that went, I got the Celica I always promised myself: The SS-III Beams! Import only... 200bhp out of the box and all the goodies thrown at it by Toyota :) Beautiful looking car, in my opinion!










After a year or so, I wanted more power and the options for the Beams engine were pretty limited unless I had thousands to spend. So, with a heavy heart, I sold her to make room for a 300ZX Twin Turbo:








I always wanted the 2-seater version though, so I sold that one last year and got the little Z32 Shortie I have now :)








The only car I miss is the Celica SS-III... she was superb machine, but just not rapid enough :(

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I will update with pics when I get chance. I passed my test in 2005 and this is my full car history...


1998 Saxo VTR - First car which I loved, cost me a bomb to insure it! I lowered it 60mm and de Chaved it removing the old tints...etc


2001 Saxo VTS - Loved this, face lift Saxo in the pearl red finish, this one was already lowered 60mm, I tidied the engine bay up and added a strut brace and a green enclosed. Eventually I stripped it out also so it was proper noisy and fairly nippy, until some old bird crashed into me in her rover 45...


1989 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 - Picked this up cheap to last me a summer, it was one of my 'dream cars' growing up, bags of character, wish I would of kept this as it would of appreciated so much!


1999 Lexus is200 sport - My first grown up car, lovely looking car (still is imo) with this I just really cleaned it up, de badged etc.


2004 Saab 9-3 TiD - First diesel for me and my missus to share, needed something better on fuel, I actually really enjoyed owning this.


2008 Lexus is220 - Came in as a part ex at work, I love Lexus so I had to have it, so comfortable and well made. Terrible to drive around the town as it has the oddest gear ratios in any car I have had the pleasure to drive.


2007 Honda CR-V - Replaced the Lexus with this family bus, cracking car with upgraded wheels, spoiler etc, great car for the kids, fishing etc.


2005 Nissan 350z GT - Again, always wanted one, owned for nearly 2 years and I loved it, the sound, the exotic look, sold it 3 weeks ago... Sorry guys!


Just purchased my current car which is...


2000 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 - Another dream car, had it for less than a week, so quick point to point and it would leave most things for dead. It's my daily so I plan to clean it up with a good machine polish and a calliper and wheel refurb as it needs some loving. The car is a Jap import coming over in 2013.


Thanks for looking!

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Since selling my first 350Z I have owned the following


1999 Skyline R34 GTR

1997 Skyline R33 GTR

2003 350Z

1995 Toyota Supra TT

2001 BMW 525i

2002 BMW 330Ci

2003 350Z (2JZ swapped)

2003 Impreza Sti

2009 Honda Civic Type-S

1995 Skyline R33 GTR

1997 Skyline R33 GTR

2002 Integra DC5 Type-R


And now back to the original 350Z

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This was the car I had before my zed. Modified 3.5 straight 6 kicking out 250lb ft torque and weighing around 1100 kilos , was lots of fun :) Bit too track focused though so I only ever used it for trackdays even though it was fully road legal. The rot had got a hold of it so had a look at other cars, and a zed came out top of the list!



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Sorting out my PC's I found a list I did of all my old stuff


1977 Toyota 1000cc Estate

1983 Toyota 1.6 SR5 coupe

1982 Datsun Sunny 140y coupe

1973 Ford Capri 3.0 GXL Mk1

1974 Peugeot 104

1982 Rover SDI 2600S

1978 Morris Marina 1.8 Est

1980 Datsun 100A

1978 Renault 12 TC

1979 Renault 5

1982 Morris Marina 1.3

1976 Morris Marina 1.3

1980 British Leyland Maxi

1978 Ford Cortina 2.0 ghia Mk4

1977 Ford Capri 3.0 ghia Mk2

1979 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 Mk 1

1979 Opel Manta 2.0

1978 Triumph Dolly sprint

1979 Triumph Stag

1980 Ford Cortina 1.6 est Mk5

1982 Rover SDI 3500cc

1981 Ford Capri 3.0 S

1986 Ford Escort XR3i

1980 Ford Capri 1.6

1982 Morris Ital 1.7

1982 Ford Capri 2.8i

1987 Ford Escort RS turbo

1986 Audi 90 2.2

1991 Ford Escort XR3i

1996 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.5 Cdi

1990 Vauxhall Belmont 1.3

1999 Nissan Primera 2.0GT

1999 Land Rover Freelander 1.8 xei

1990 Mercedes 308 van

2001 Mercedes E320 CDI

1998 Mercedes Sprinter 312

2002 VW Beetle V5 sport edition

1993 Nissan Skyline GTST

2006 Skoda Octavia VRS TDi

2009 Skoda Superb 170 TDI

1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6

2012 Skoda Fabia VRS TSI

1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

2007 Nissan 350z GT

2012 Nissan 370 GT Edition

2015 Toyota Prius T spirit (Current)

2015 Skoda Octavia VRS Tsi (Current)

2012 Nissan 370z GT Edition (Supercharged) (Current)


1979 Kawasaki Z1000 MK2 Turbo and Nitrous

1983 Kawasaki z1000J (1200cc turbo drag bike)

Kawasaki z1000 based turboed drag bike with wheelie bars

1996 Kawasaki 550 Zephyr

1999 Honda X11

1996 Honda Blackbird

2001 Honda Blackbird

Z1000 based N/A drag bike

1983 Kawasaki Z1000J (1260cc street fighter)

2 x Kawasaki z1000st (1979&1981)

3 x Kawasaki GPZ1100 (1983 models)

Z1000 Kawasaki nitrous drag bike

2003 Kawasaki z1000aih

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Hers a couple of mine.


B18 Civic Vti. No pic of the car just the rocker cover I painted. Was a good car. Loved the VTEC.




Before that was my Nissan Prime GT. Great car that was. Comfy. Quick. Looked decent for a Primera.







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some awesome car history so far :)


In South Africa:-

199x Citi Golf

1998 Opel Astra

2000 Impreza

2000 Impreza GT


In UK:-

Renault clio

Toyota Supra - almost at 500bhp on hybrid twins

1997 Impreza STi wagon

Mazda 3

Austin Mini - 1300 :) awesome, shame its made of paper

2002 Impreza STi - up to 400bhp and lots of suspension work

2003 Mini Cooper S - for the missus


then it all changed............ the GTR was bought


Range Rover Evoque - lovely when it worked, which sadly was not as often as it should have

2005 Ford Fiesta

2002 350z

2008 Land Rover Discovery

1969 Ford Escort MK1 - see signature

1972 Datsun 240z - see signature

2002 MX5 - awesome car still have it - see signature








5617112727_5b67939879.jpgmini rig shot by Graham John, on Flickr


3478811525_c29d868180.jpgMy car by Graham John, on Flickr

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My 1984 "B" Nissan Silvia 1.8ZX Turbo, great car.



Had one of these myself, in Red. Not good handling and massive turbo lag but what a hoot. Loved it to bits.

Also had an S13 and S14 but the Sylvia is the one that introduced me to Nissan fun.

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^^ Gosh you've had some quality cars Alpinaman. B)


Have to ask you though how did you find the M5? Have any issues?


I've always kind of wanted one of those and was actually looking at them before getting my current car (an S3). Really only want it because of the V10 engine. ;)

This is my current car, link: http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/108109-new-car-time-again-my-new-german-whip/

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