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Memory Lane: Post up your old car pics here


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Following my Beetle ad the other week I foolishly walked down memory lane my old Beetles that I loved so much and popped a few pics up - well decided it would make a good thread!


So starting with Colin's fab old pics here- come on folks dig out your fave old car pics and post up - yes we all have dodgey haircuts but what the hell - its just a bit of fun. :lol:


Oh go on then........ just for a laugh :lol: - back in the day here I am about 1985 I think - one on the left! :blush:


and yes they are white socks and slip on shoes! :doh:




My parents had a Triumph Dolomite which went very well and then bought the sprint in yellow with a black vinal roof and boy did that go. My mum used to get in the slow lane and undertake people as the lights changed to green, :lol: sooo funny.




Dug out some old 35mm pics (or might have been taken on box brownie :blush: ) - and includes one of the yellow Dolly Sprint I had at one time - a quick 2lt car in its day - me using it at a grass Autotest and had it on two wheels several times handbraking it round the cones :scare: The other pic is of my first Golf GTi (a Mk1 4-speed taken on MOD land near Aldershot) and a standard spec Singer Chamiois Sport at a Sprint at Goodwood and a Trial at some farm in Surrey. Used to tow that on an 'A'-frame behind a later GTi so I could compete in both cars :lol:




Pics also also show the Beetles I had. The little one of me standing next to my very first one - a 1956 oval with a 1600 porsche engine rescued from a breakers and used for rallycross before I bought it. (Yes, I had hair then at 20 :lol: ) I then then got a 1957 Dub and dumped the 1200 engine for a 1500 one, but had it fairly heavily modified including twin Minnow-Fish twin carbs and very loud exhaust that I used in trials, autotests, and events that were the pre-runner of rally stages but then without navigators, crash-hats and rules........ :lol:




The other pics are me navigating in the Moskvich at stages event in the NE (that car/driver had previously taken part in a RAC rally of GB and I got roped into the 'works' servicing team by a friend). The bottom pic is on a Welsh rally event - a Ford 1600E that had just had TJ fuel injection fitted (one of the first such installtions in the UK - and it was quick - when it held together!). Always remember after we finished that event in the early hours we got back from the Brecon area to Central London in about 2 hours :D - that was when there where no speed limits on the motorways and we crusied the M4 at 130mph+ :D




So there you go Stan - we all have history that looking back does bring some great memories back :thumbs:


Thanks again Colin they are ace - sure I have seen some of those pics in old copies of VW Motoring magazine? ;)

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I started with an Astra - no pics of that though


Then this




17s, Tinted windows, big exhaust B)


Then sold that & bought an Ibiza Cupra




Then bought the Z


Never bought a car I never liked :D

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Cool nice one mate :thumbs:


Unfortunately my scanner packed up last year otherwise I would have some more dodgey pictures of old classics and VWs and yet more dodgey haircuts! (Bit like this one!) :lol: (early 90's)



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Great topic stan - im loving those pics of your old stuff B)


I've had 6 cars since i passed my test in '04...


No. 1 - 93 Maroon Escort 1.3 - but i cant find the pics :thumbdown: I reversed it into a post the week i got it, and basically wrecked the car, Paid £800 and sold it for £400 just 5 weeks later!


No. 2 was a very nippy 1.4 mk3 Golf which i adored. Despite the rust, i lowered it, had 17" chromes, exhaust, a custom homemade grill and had neons... those were my max power days...! I got it for free off my sister, and got £150 trade in for it when i got my next car!









No.3 was a 316 bmw e36 coupe... i loved this car, and it handled superbly, although was under powered. On this i had a sound system with sub and amp, 17" alloys and i added a screen and a Ps2 under the passenger seat! Also had lexus lights and tints. I paid £3000 for this, and got £2250 for it 8 months later.





Next up - my favourite car - 323i Coupe. I had 18" M3 rep alloys, angel eyes, sound system, and blacked out everything!! I washed this car twice a week and it was just ace... at the time in 2006 i thought i was very cool. :D

I paid £3150 for this and got £2k trade in for it 10 months later.









No. 5 was an e46 328ci coupe with matching reg! I got this the week of my 23rd birthday but it was a bad luck car... so much went wrong with it. I paid a whopping £10k for this, and traded it in 1 year and 20k miles later for £5500! Ouch.





Lastly i got my zed the week after my 24th birthday... and have had it for 1yr and 9 months... its a record...!

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Wow fab pictures folks - Blimey Chris you love your Beemers! B) I do love the Golf more look great. Max Power days eh?


Max what a shame - damn hope you got out of that one with no scrathes! :surrender:


Thanks for sharing those pictures keep them coming - and that means you too Mart - get a scanner borrowed and scan thos NIssan 3030SX's in! ;)


Borrowing my mates scanner next week so you can laugh at some more my old sheds including the classics and the vans!! :lol:


I'm sure the Mods have got pics of their cars from ye' Olden days?

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sadly two weeks later it looked like this.




Oh my good god :scare: What's the story there?


This thread is making me feel young (for a change!!), lol - but will have to dig out the old car pics and scan them in!

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Oh my good god :scare: What's the story there?


This thread is making me feel young (for a change!!), lol - but will have to dig out the old car pics and scan them in!


This thread is making me feel old !!! :surrender:Past test in 2004!!! I was 2 in 1985??


I was'nt! :blackeye:

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I have no pics but will search out some google examples. :blush:


My best Beetle story is as follows.


One of Lizs friends who has a lot of bad luck with cars, mainly self inflicted bought a nice yellow Beetle. He asked my Porker mechanic mate to fit a convertable kit whch he did and took a long time to get it exactly right. The car looked very nice B)


He then decided that the black top didnt look right on a yellow car so he painted it......














Handpainted it with Black Hammerite :scare:







It didnt look that good now so he decided to sell it. Prior to the painting he had been offered £1500 for it so he advertised it at that. :tumbleweed:







£1000 :yawn:






£500 :thumbdown:












Finally Liz told me that he had sold it for £200. :yahoo:















To the clowns from a circus that was visiting :lol::lol:

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Heres my car history:


1.2 Vauxhall Nova was some sort of special edition and immaculate. Stuck it in a ditch!


Vauxhall Astra 1.3 - Was a good car sold it after 6 months


Bought my first clio - Loved the car to bits and owned and modifyed it for 5 years



Bought a Ford Escort 1.6 for my ex missus to learn to drive in


Upgarded her car to a very special Suzuki swift - was a import and had some engine work done, was extremely quick for a 1.3



Got rid of the Clio and decided to buy another, this time a 172, god i miss this car!



Bought the 350z which once looked like this:



Bought my 350Shed which most of you by now have seen seeing as ive been to more meets in it than my Zed! :bounce:

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was just thinking what a pretty car and then scrolled down to this! What happened?



sadly two weeks later it looked like this.




Me too.


Oh my good god :scare: What's the story there?


This thread is making me feel young (for a change!!), lol - but will have to dig out the old car pics and scan them in!


This thread is making me feel old !!! :surrender:Past test in 2004!!! I was 2 in 1985??


I was'nt! :blackeye:


At the risk of giving away my age (a woman never tells!) I was 2/3 in 1985 :scare:

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Fibreglass and fire don’t really mix well, it started with a small petrol fire which I thought I had put out using a full 5kg powder extinguisher it then took less than ten minutes for it to look like this with me hiding behind the garden wall,when i have more time i have promised myself i will build another one.


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Great thread :thumbs:


I started in 1990 with my first car, a Triumph Acclaim 1300HL, i can feel the jealousy :lol: That lasted me 5 years after which i traded it in for a J plate Honda Civic Saloon....no pics of either as they were very dull.


I saw sense after a couple of years with the Honda and traded it in for this...






Was standard when i bought it and slowly modded it into the above. Owned it for 6 years and it was a fantastic car.


Sold the MR2 to buy my Skyline...






Spent a consider ammount of money on it taking it to 406bhp, was a fantastic car and owned it for almost 4years.


Sold the Skyline to buy the Zed....




Only had the pleasure of owning the Zed for around 18months and sold recently due to having a baby on the way and needing 4 doors and more than 2 seats and bought this last week to replace it...


Mitsubishi Evo 8MR FQ320, an awesome piece of kit which will hopefully stay with me for a few years and give me alot of fun...




And thats it so far :drive1

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First car was a rover 214 had it for about 18 months kitted it out with the rover tomcat stuff. looked alright was the older box shaped ones same as the honda concerto.

sadly only pics i have need scanning in.


second car was my 306 GTi6 fantastic car one of the first cars to have a 6 speed box and was good for around 160BHP. again no pics at the moment.


next came one of my first babies my MR2 mk3 roadster






loved that car to bits, rebuilt the body kit and everything mself, learnt how to spray withthat car, broke my heart to break it up to pay for the engine repair, so sold it afterwards, but that took 18 months, due to the market crash, sat in the garage.


had the Civic at the same time which was the new shape Type S GT wit the 2.2 diesel engine, great car, did wonders on my 500 miles a week commute, but lacked a little something.


so i sold the mr2 and the civic together and got the zed



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wow cool pictures and nice little stories to go with them folks! Excellent keep posting them :thumbs:


Rtbiscuit - fellow MR2 man - I love them - looks great in Lagoon Blue B)

Trev - :yahoo: your another one Stealth Rallying guru :ninja: - thanks for sharing those B)


NismoDave I'm impressed that MR2 stayed out of a ditch they were always a bit twitchy !! :scare: The Skyline loks da dogs BTw!


Marmarkey - you like your Clios eh? :D The new Suzuki Swift - looks great outside but we looked at one recently - and the inside well ........black plastic be my friend! :yuck::lol:


Mart -Hammerite on the softtop! Man that is a crime against humanity! :doh:


Ok so here are mine - as you can see I have had a few cars sometimes more than one at a time :blush:


1971 1200cc Beetle - mechanically excellent - loved it to bits. If it had rained that day and as I braked when stopping at ights etc my feet would be cleaned by a wave of water splashing over them from the rear footwells - ah happy days!


(Mines the pale Blue one) Slight correction this picture is in 1986 as I passed my test in 1986 (so ignore my previous 1985 comments!) which means all you 2 year olds were actually 3 so there! :p




1971 1300cc deluxe B) The one I still have today - best ever car - very low mileage! :blush:

(Had another 1972 1300cc but cant find the pics ( looks just like this one though in Pastel White)




1973 1300cc - changed the colour of this one from a horrible blue metallic to this - back garden respray - retrimmed the interior, welded new floor in , new wings etc usual stuff


(also had a 1991 Vauxhall Cacalier 1.6 in maroon - yes maroon good car actually but boring! - no pics!)




1958 Wolseley 15/50 - ran it for 3 years no trouble at all - on damp days it had magic mushrooms grewing in the back carpet!





1964 VW Split Screen Devon Camper 1200cc - resto project obviously - erm it stayed like that for years! :blush:



Not much changed when I sold it in 2000



1958 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346 - 3.5 Ltre staight six fab looking car, went like stink and out handled a lot of modern cars but most unreliable piece of sh** I ever owned)





Ok so we all make mistakes this was my biggest ever- 1995 Audi A4 - engine blew up the week between Xmas and new year 1999 - I've hated Audi's ever since and Audi UK - over priced cheaply made expensive rubbish thats all Audis' are. The 80 was the last decent one they ever made.



1980 T25 VW Transporter van - 2 ltr aircooled - loved it but had to go when I moved house.



Ok my first Jap car - brand new MR2 roadster with hardtop - miss this car... :byebye:



Brand new RX8 - loved this also and miss it :byebye:



1991 Nissan Figaro - 1 little old Japanese lady owner - 40K from new all the paperwork - mint it was but had to go ..sniff sniff



2005 Xtrail Sport - woosh MAx power! :blush: Very capable and practical car - would have one again! Nissan dropped this colour after 12 months and never told anyone or provided touch up paint!



Da beast! 2006 Nissan Pathfinder - other than a broken windscreen on holiday - rock solid machine - engine pulls like a train!



Reg my 1998 Transporter van 1.9 td - it aint fast but its better made than most cars have been since 1998!



Of course my beloved Zed - love it to bits even though it costs me a fortune to run


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Right, here's my car garage...


1. 1st car was this little gem, Nova 1.3SR. Compared to my mates fiesta 950cc and mini metros, this was a great little car




2. Kept with the Vauxhall and went onto a Corsa 1.4SRI (too embarassed to put a pic up :lol: )


3. Started down the fast ford route with an old Fiesta 1.8 16v XR2I. This thing was pretty fast and handled well but was always breaking down, it definately gave support to the Fix Or Repair Daily (FORD) belief !




4. Now this is probably my favourite car, a Racing Puma, wanted one for ages and in my opinion still looks fab. It is the best handling car I've ever driven, just needed a little more poke






5. Still with the fast fords, moved onto a Focus RS, got is chipped with full exhaust system and de-cat, it shifted ! It got a bit too chavvy so decided on the Zed




6. here is my old 350z, still sadly missed :byebye:




7. Lastly, I've nicked my wife's 182 clio while she has the pleasure of a 5 door Honda civic for the baby, this thing is like a go-Kart !



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Cool little stories there chaps - keep posting - does'nt matter if you don't have pictures just tell us your cars and any little nuggets of info about them!


I see Clios, MR2s and Corsa's seem to be the order of the day :D

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